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HK approval number : 14 215 287
Sex : Several animals
Race : Sled Dog
Supplier type : Trader
Number of dogs : Many
Origin : Foreign
With electronic chip : Yes
Checked in : Yes
Age : 15 weeks to 1 year
Dewormed : Yes
Pedigree : Non
Vaccinated : Distemper (dogs), Contagious hepatitis (Rubarth’s disease), Parvovirus, Rabies


Today, much less used for work, the Alaskan Malamute has become a perfect pet. He is very gentle and very affectionate with his master and his family. He is also patient with children but does not like solitude.

All our puppies are vaccinated and dewormed several times.
They are identified by electronic chip and registered with DogID, a database for the identification and registration of dogs in Belgium.
They are in possession of an official European passport.
You benefit from legal guarantees.

You can come and see our puppies every day between 10 a.m. & 6 p.m., also on Sundays and public holidays (by appointment on Thursday). Following the new measures taken by the government, access will be allowed to 1 single adult / family. Wearing a mask is compulsory. We are located 5 minutes from exit Nr10 Asse / Zellik on the Brussels Ring Road.

It is sometimes difficult for us to answer emails. In addition, we can be reached every day between 10 a.m. & 6 p.m. at (+32)


Price upon request

If you live more than 100 km from us, give the Code “kilometers” with the purchase of a puppy and receive an immediate discount of 30 euro on your non-food items.

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Listing number: m1652102480

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