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18.01.2022 – 15:01


Tucson, Arizona (ots/PRNewswire)

· The newly formed group will optimize public health care through innovations in diagnostics and laboratory IT technology

CliniSys announced the recent acquisition of HORIZON Lab Systems and the merger with Sunquest Information Systems under the CliniSys umbrella. This acquisition and the merger with Sunquest will create one of the world’s largest organizations in the field of diagnostic and laboratory informatics.

CliniSys strives to establish a new wave of digital diagnostics and laboratories across healthcare and in the community that goes beyond clinical laboratories to improve public health. HORIZON Lab Systems is an important part of this vision with its advanced cloud-based laboratory solutions and unmatched knowledge and expertise in the fields of environment, water quality testing, public health, toxicology and agriculture.

Together, CliniSys, Sunquest and HORIZON Lab Systems employ over 1,300 people in 12 different countries with 19 different cultures, 21 different languages. They have unrivaled knowledge in the complex laboratory and diagnostics sector at an international level.

CliniSys is well positioned to take advantage of cloud transformation and apply new technologies such as advanced analytics, AI and machine learning to empower laboratory professionals with better diagnostic skills and tools to work more effectively and improve public health worldwide.

Laboratories around the world monitor and protect health across multiple health parameters, from medical care to genetics, environmental influences and physical influences, and CliniSys has a proven ability to deliver hundreds of millions of medical results monthly and monitoring of pandemic-scale disease for more than 100 million people around the world.

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Michael Simpson, CEO of CliniSys, commented, “Public health is a major concern for all governments and citizens. With HORIZON’s advanced cloud-based solutions and unmatched knowledge and expertise in the fields of environment, water quality testing, public health, toxicology and agriculture, CliniSys can now provide organizations and governments at all levels and in the various sectors of the public health ecosystem with solutions to improve the offer health to the population.”

Information about CliniSys

Headquartered in Chertsey, England and Tucson, Arizona, CliniSys is one of the largest providers of laboratory information systems, order entry and results retrieval, and public health solutions for disease surveillance and outbreak management in the UK, Europe and the United States. For 40 years, CliniSys has successfully specialized in the complex and large-scale provision of comprehensive laboratory and healthcare solutions. More than 3,000 laboratories in 34 countries are currently using the CliniSys solutions.

Our combined interdisciplinary expertise provides our clients with solutions to support clinical, histology, molecular biology and genetics laboratory workflows, including order management, reporting and result delivery. In addition, we serve laboratories in the fields of environmental testing, water quality, agriculture and toxicology.

www.clinisys.com (UK & Continental Europe)

www.sunquestinfo.com (North America)

www.horizonlims.com (HORIZON)


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