▷ Everything you need to know about spring training for baseball in Arizona

Each spring, the Major League Baseball (MLB) teams that make up the Cactus League spend about a month in Arizona for spring training. This is the time of year before the season begins for team managers to take a look at the players and determine the final rosters of teams based on their performance.

The best thing about spring training games is that you will be able to see many of your favorite team’s players during a game and you may be closer to them than at local stadiums.

Before heading to spring training in Arizona, there are important things to know about getting tickets, where to go to watch the games, and even strategies for getting autographs.

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Cactus League Spring Training Basics

There are 15 mlb teams that come to Arizona each year for a league affectionately known as the cactus league. Cactus League teams train and compete regularly in their own “local” stadiums during the months of February and March.

When it comes to getting spring training tickets, which are often much cheaper than regular season tickets, it can be quite difficult to get seats for games played by the champion from the previous baseball season or those that are sit at the top of their preseason rankings, so it may be necessary to plan ahead if you want to see a popular team. During this time of year, resorts are packed and even short-term vacation rental homes are hard to find at the last minute.

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March weather in Phoenix

In the Phoenix area, March weather can be warm and sunny, making shorts and t-shirts a suitable outfit for the game. On less cold and rainy days, you may need an umbrella.

The average high temperature for the month of March is 79 F. the average minimum is 45 f. In March the days can be warm, but as soon as the sun sets it cools down quickly.

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phoenix area cactus league stadiums

In Arizona, there are 10 spring training stadiums where Cactus League teams play in the greater Phoenix area. Each stadium has unique characteristics, so it is good to look at the information and the tips of the Stadium of beforehand. The most distant stadiums are about 80 kilometers apart.

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game safety

As with any place where people gather for an event, strict security measures are in place for spring training. The gates for Cactus League games are generally open approximately two hours prior to game time to allow enough time for the pregame security inspection. While many items are banned across the board, like guns and glass containers, some stadiums offer special exceptions for things like lawn chairs, while others are more restrictive.

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watch the teams practice

Practice sessions are open to the public, although spectators may have to look through a chain link fence to see the players go through their routines.

All teams practice prior to the start of the spring training season, as well as between games. Pitchers and catchers generally show up for first practice in mid-February, with the other position players reporting the following week. Typically, practice sessions begin between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m.

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best autograph spots

One of the most popular activities during the spring training season in Arizona is obtaining autographs, because the stadiums are smaller and the players are more accessible. Additionally, some major leaguers, past and present, live in Arizona throughout the year and have been spotted at practice sessions or even at certain restaurants. During spring training, you will also benefit from the fact that players are more open to fan interactions and autographs.

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after the game head to a sports bar

Sports bars are popular places to go after a day of cheering for your favorite team during spring training. You can even see some of the ball players at these sports bars after the game. Scottsdale, especially, has some fun sports bars , some with excellent collections of sports memorabilia.

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