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13.01.2021 – 14:18


Berlin (ots)

Saxony’s Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer (CDU) commented on Wednesday in an interview with the news channel WELT on the advance of Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) on vaccination and FFP2 mask requirements as well as the speculation about a possible lockdown until Easter.

WELT news channel (Angela Knäble):

Markus Söder has now brought the vaccination requirement for nurses and medical staff into play and World Medical President Montgomery agrees. How do you see that?

Michael Kretschmer:

My impression is that there is a consensus in Germany that there should be no compulsory vaccination at this point in time. That has a lot to do with the discussion and with uncertainty among the population. In this phase I would insist that all those who really want to be vaccinated – and that is a huge part of the population – get an offer quickly. For this, the vaccine must be better and more available. We are working hard on that. With the approval of further vaccines, this will also be better possible. I think that is now the subject of the times and then we will see towards the middle of the year and also towards autumn: How many people have vaccinated? If we have reached 60, 65, 70 percent of the population, then that is a huge success. And then we also have great protection. I would ask that in this phase we concentrate on what is absolutely necessary and not open up secondary theaters of war that again unsettle many people.

WELT news channel (Angela Knäble):

Who bears these costs for it? It always means these masks [FFP2] are scarce.

Michael Kretschmer:

Yes exactly. That’s why you have to analyze it carefully beforehand. The most important thing at the moment is avoidance of contact and distance, that’s plan A. Everything else is plan B. And if we have enough FFP2 masks in the country that are affordable and can be bought by everyone at a reasonable cost, then you can go through something like that speak. I don’t see that right now. That is why I believe that it is not yet a means that we can use for all of Germany at every point.

WELT news channel (Angela Knäble):

At the beginning of the conversation you said not to relax. Chancellor Merkel expects eight to ten hard weeks until the situation relaxes. Is that realistic or how long do you anticipate?

Michael Kretschmer:

Yes, I find it interesting that the whole discussion is blurring again. We should actually have learned by now, and also see very clearly with regard to Ireland and Great Britain, that the easing is possible when the infection rate is very, very low. And work is being done on it from different sides. On the one hand, the health authorities are being strengthened so that they can perform their contact tracking even better, even with higher incidences, and on the other hand, the lockdown. And now in this phase, today, it must be clear to everyone that the more consistently we act now, the lower the numbers will be in three weeks’ time and then we can talk to each other about what can then be possible. But I have the feeling that this fundamental insight is disappearing again, which I think is very regrettable. Overall, it is like this: We are in the toughest phase of this pandemic. Now is the most difficult situation. And the mutation is also still to be feared that it will come. So don’t make false promises now. Of course there are plans, there are considerations as to what can start again in which phase. Schools, kindergartens, also in the field of business. But everything depends on how the infection develops, because otherwise medical care cannot be guaranteed. We saw that very clearly here in Saxony.

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