▷ Pronunciation of place names in Arizona

When you come to Phoenix There are certain words that are difficult to pronounce, but if you say them correctly, everyone will surely think that you are a native of Arizona.

Many of the names of cities and towns of Arizona They come from the Native American tribes and Latin American populations that established the region, but that doesn’t mean that all of these names are pronounced according to their origin.

As a general rule, if the words have Spanish influence, as many do in Arizona, a “j” or a “g” is generally pronounced like an “h” and an “ll” is pronounced like an “y”. However, there are exceptions to this. For example, when renting a villa, use the hard “ll” sound instead of the “y”, or just ask for a large adjoining room if you’re not sure what to say.

arizona cities

If you find yourself exploring the area around Phoenix, you are likely to come across one of the many strangely named cities that populate Arizona and you may need to ask one of the smaller cities for directions to visit one of the local tourist attractions.

Tempe, a city in the valley east and home to the University of Arizona, it is a popular destination for Phoenix travelers, but did you know that it is pronounced “tem- writing “instead of” tem-Pe? ” On the other hand, the neighboring city of Mesa, which is known for having a great population Mormon , is pronounced ” may -suh”.

Even some of the villages and communities in the Phoenix area have names that are difficult to pronounce. Ahwatukee, a urban town of upper middle class In South Phoenix, it’s pronounced “ah-wuh- too -kee “, while the star community and air park in the west valley in the good year is pronounced” es- tray- uh”. meanwhile, casa grande, a city between Phoenix and Tucson, is pronounced in both English and Spanish: ” kah -suh grand-eh”.

landmarks, natural features and attractions

Cities aren’t the only destinations in Arizona named after Native American and Latino cultures, there are also a plethora of landmarks, natural features like rivers, and area attractions with hard-to-pronounce names.

the cannon de chelly, a National Monument at north arizona , is pronounced ” can- yun duh shay “. meanwhile, the edge of mogollon, which is pronounced ” mug -ee-yun “, marking the southern boundary of the colorado plateau in northern arizona, is a popular day trip to phoenix that offers hiking, camping, and scenic drives through the coconino national forest (” co -co- see -no “).

A popular rafting destination southeast of the Phoenix area, the Gila River, has a strange pronunciation due to its Native American (rather than Latin) origin: ” hee -luh “. Meanwhile, another destination with a Native American name, in the area, tlaquepaque, is a fun collection of shops in sedona which is pronounced “tuh- the -cow- perspective -kee “.

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