● 5A[Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Tumble Bracelet]Grain width approx. 4-5mm Wrist circumference 15-20cm With adjuster Blue gem reminiscent of the sky of Arizona The highest peak of turquoise Rare Sleeping Beauty Mine product Travel guard stone[Arizona product]sai


turquoise blue

size ☆ Grain width approx. 4-5mm Wrist circumference 15-20cm With adjuster.
Rank AAAAA class
Description of item ◆ Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Tumble Bracelet ◆
Turquoise has various colors and patterns, but the turquoise bracelets from the Sleeping Beauty Mine in Arizona, USA, which is said to be the highest peak, are in stock! !!
The Sleeping Beauty Mine is named because the mountain looks like a lying woman’s profile. Since the mine is already closed, the turquoise mined at this mine is becoming more and more rare and valuable year by year! !!
Beautiful blue attracts many people and is a representative jewel of the United States that has been used for ornaments since ancient times ♪
In addition, turquoise is a guardian stone that has been said to protect itself from bad things such as amulets for travel and disaster prevention since ancient times.
It is a tumble bracelet with good coloring of such sleeping beauty turquoise!
Speaking of turquoise, sleeping beauty! Don’t miss it! !!
* This is a one-of-a-kind shooting.
* Because it is a natural stone, there may be small chips or dents. Please note. * Since it is irregular, the size is a guide.
* The review is from the previous purchase

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