♔ Arizona native desert beauty hoho gold Since1982 mysterious plant natural beauty drop original jojoba oil shop site JOJOBA OIL SHOP-SITE The finest hoho gold is still smiling today ☺ Golden Super Beauty Skin & Hair Care ♕

♔ Letter from the customer❤ Thank you

Hoho GoldI use it every day and it seems that my skin is moisturized.From Mr. Shimazaki, Yokohama City

Hoho GoldI used it immediately, but my skin is completely different. It’s pull-pull. I used only a few drops mixed with lotion. I’m surprised.From Isobe, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Hoho GoldI think it is the best product in the world. Sincerely.From Mr. Wada, Aizuwakamatsu City

Hoho Goldsince1982 … It’s the year I was born.dayIt is also very good for hair that gets dry due to burning.From Mr. Koyama

Jojoba oilI love it so I’m happy to meet the real thing! I will use it carefully!From Mr. Yamauchi

Hoho GoldThe itch has subsided!From Mr. Kuwayama

Hoho GoldI have black hair!From Baba

♔ Letter from our customers ❤ Thank you

<< I like it! 》

It was the first gift I received from an acquaintance, and now I am using the second one.

My hair was so-called cat hair, thin, easily entangled, and very damaged, but since I started using it, it has become glossy and chewy.

It has a moderately moisturized finish and does not require a rinse or conditioner.

I also like the generous amount and fragrance-free.

shampooFrom the same company before and afterJojoba oilIf you use, the effect will be further improved.

oilIs more expensive, but it can be used on the skin and eliminates the need for other cosmetics, so it may be more economical.

I really recommend it.From Sieg

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《Safe for children》
With commercially available shampoo, there is something that seems to be on the scalp for a long time, so in the last three years I changed to a natural ingredient shampoo. It’s much better than the one on the market, but it didn’t go away.O’Brien’s ShampooI am surprised that it disappears for the first time after using. It feels good to have an oil massage, and now that I’m in my thirties, it’s fun to wash my head (laughs) I’ve tried various shampoos at the recommendation of my friends, but this seems to calm me down. From evergreen

accidentalThis shampooI metTa.It wasn’t cheap, but until then I didn’t like the squeaky feeling after shampooing.

I was always wondering which shampoo to buy.

With a small amount, the fine foaming and the feel of the foam was something I had never experienced before.

I have been using it for about 4 years. Nowadays, I also dye gray hair with natural products, but it is helpful because there is little discoloration of the hair dye.

Now I have no stress in washing my hair. You can wash your face and body with this. I also use it as a gift for my friends.From Ponta

O’Brien’s ShampooI started using and my black hair has grown.From Mr. Amano

O’Brien’s ShampooWhen I use it for the first timesurprised.All of them have been unsatisfactory for many years, but this oneThe curly hair naturally doesn’t get dry even when wrapped in hot curlers.What I don’t always keep is keep it foreverThat’s excellent!The scent is also good.Thank you ♪ From Mr. Kouruda

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Miss Marikobut,It contains ingredients that are effective for skin care, so I whipped it well, packed it with foam, and then rinsed it off. The moist feeling after washing my face was unprecedented, and there was no feeling of tension at all. Rather, the make-up was washed off and the skin felt relieved.

From Mr. Lee

La la laIs smooth like water, and at first I was troubled that it was difficult to use (because the body soap I used so far was creamy, so it was easy to use), it feels refreshing and moist, so do not put it out vigorously little by little I started to push it gently (laughs) (55-year-old woman)

La la lafavorite!

I use Jab Jab every day.

From Tenma

La la laReally liquid!Maybe this is the most luxurious SOAP …

I was surprised that my skin was fresh after washing. Soap is recommended for people with sensitive skin.From Mr. Matsunaga, who works at a pharmacy

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