An 11-second clip of the Beatles’ only live appearance on Top of the Pops It has been discovered in Mexico. He was already completely lost.

The silent visual fragment is all that exists of the Fab Four, in famous English program, with the “playback” or the imitation of Paperback Writer on the BBC pop show in 1966.

The original tapes were not preserved, but were recorded by a viewer filming his TV with an 8mm camera.

The footage was shot by a family in Liverpool and eventually fell into the hands of a collector in Mexico.

The collector contacted Kaleidoscope, a Birmingham-based organization that specializes in locating previously missing television images.

And it said:

“I think if they are fans of the Beatles, it is another holy grail. People thought it was gone forever because the videotape was not saved in 1966. To find this so many years later is amazing.”

THE BEATLES: RECOVERED IN 1966'S TOP OF THE POPSThe Beatles recorded songs for Top of the Pops on several occasions, but only appeared live once, June 16, 1966. Acting itself has long been a topic of conversation

In 2000, a BBC spokeswoman said:

We don’t know if this particular part of the Top of the Pops story is gone forever, but unfortunately there was a time when BBC programs were not archived as carefully as they are today and some programs were sadly lost. ” .

The rediscovered clip will be projected in thel BFI in London as part of the Music Belived Wiped program on April 20.

A missed episode of Top of the Pops de 1969, which features an early version of the promo video for The Beatles para su sencillo Something.

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The Beatles never toured again after performing live at their last concert at the Candlestick Park in San Francisco in 1966, at the height of Beatlemania.

They gathered for a unique performance on the roof of Apple Records in London in 1969.

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