😍 They eliminate the last telephone booth in New York πŸ‘ Noticias RTV

The last surviving phone booth in New York, in the heart of Manhattan, was removed on Monday.

The last phone booth, which still had the logo of the defunct telecommunications company “Bell System” (a blue bell in a circle) visible on the phone and had survived the age of cell phones, was located at the intersection of Seventh Avenue and 50th Avenue. Street.

The booth actually belonged to Titan, a company that in 2010 bought the remaining 1,300 phone booths from Verizon (New York’s largest phone provider) to use for advertising, but all of them have disappeared over the years.

In 2015, the New York City Council began installing state-of-the-art kiosks (now 2,000) that allow New Yorkers to have free “wifi” in a nearby radius, charge cell phone batteries, and make free calls, and that was the ultimate decline. . of the cabins.

At a small ceremony today to mark the end of a symbol, Manhattan Mayor Mark Levine did not give in to nostalgia, saying that phone booths made everyone suffer equally.

He remembered the many telephones without a tone, the booths that swallowed coins without a signal or the long lines of users waiting to access a free phone.

For the nostalgic, there are also four vintage-style venues on West End Avenue, mainly used by tourists who take pictures inside the relics.

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