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Exercises provide wellness, boost immunity, and can protect against disease, reduce measurements, and increase life expectancy. But practicing them regularly may not be as easy as it sounds. According to the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), 40.3% of adults consider themselves insufficiently active – that is, they do not practice any type of physical activity for at least 150 minutes a week, considering leisure, job and displacement. If you’re adding to that statistic, know that you don’t need to run a half marathon a day to guarantee all the benefits that an active life can bring. Just add a little movement to the routine.

And the task is not as challenging as it seems. To give you an idea, the World Health Organization recommends that adults engage in 2.5 to five hours a week of moderate activities (such as walking) or one hour and 15 minutes to 2.5 hours of vigorous activities. (swimming class, for example), when there is not a contraindication. “How about starting by exercising two or three times a week? Rest days are also important because the gains from the practice of physical activities occur after the activity, that is, the body has responses up to two days after the exercise “, explains Luiz Carnevali, specialist in exercise physiology and in biomechanics and kinesiology, master’s and doctorate from the Institute of Biomedical Sciences of the University of São Paulo (USP) and technical director of Smart Fit.

Do you want to leave behind the sofa-chair-bed path? With the right knowledge and plan, physical activity will become a part of your life. Here, we’ve put together ideas to help you on that journey.

More motivation

Don’t you always have the courage to move? sopened What are the real benefits of moving can be a major impetus to adopt simple changes. To change the elevator for the stairs, understand that exercise:

  • Slows the aging process. According to a study conducted by researchers at the University of Birmingham and King’s College in England, physical activity keeps the body young and healthy by preventing loss of muscle mass.
  • It makes you happier. According to a study by Harvard School of Public HealthIn the United States, just 15 minutes of walking a day reduces the risk of depression by 26% because activity contributes to the production of hormones and wellness neurotransmitters.
  • From the an increase in your body composition. Yes, we are talking about weight loss and less pain. The practice of physical activities helps in the loss of body fat and in the strengthening of the muscles, which are the support of the joints. This makes you less prone to pain and injury.
  • METROimprove your immunity because its practice has a direct effect on the defense cells of the organism.

The types of physical activity and its benefits.

To include physical exercises in your routine, understand what your goal is, from that, draw up a plan that makes your body suffer the appropriate stimuli, perceive these stimuli at the ideal moment and respond to them. “Any physical activity affects your overall body, bringing improvements in heart rate, cholesterol, blood sugar, among others. Bodybuilding, for example, has specific benefits, ”explains Carnevali. Knowing the differences between some modalities, it is easier to define the way forward:

  • Body-building: works the muscle groups in a more specific way. You can orient your training toward hypertrophy, weight loss, or fighting weakness, injury, and chronic pain.
  • Aerobic exercises like running, biking, and dancing: have the oxygen takes center stage and is usually done over a longer period of time, which makes your body need more energy. This type of training increases the ability of the heart and lungs to supply muscle energy from oxygen consumption.
  • Functional: they are exercises that work the whole body. Functional training is generally based on natural body movements such as jumping, pulling, and squatting. Also, you can use rubber bands, ropes and balls. This modality helps improve physical conditioning and increases the strength and endurance of the body.
  • HIIT (high intensity interval training): the train The high intensity interval aims to speed up metabolism and promote fat burning. It also improves your fitness.

Choose the right physical activity for you

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The hectic routine, the active professional life and the pandemic can be obstacles when practicing physical exercises. That’s why having the freedom to exercise wherever you are and in the way you like best is the key to staying motivated and keeping moving. Train at Home with Smart Fit can help: the new online platform brings together the best Smart Fit workouts for you to try and choose what looks good on you. You can practice at home, in the park or in the gym. The best part is the legal and varied exercises, but there is still the benefit that the platform is free.. Access Train at home with Smart Fit and learn more.

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