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The average cost of home insurance in Birmingham is $ per month.

Homeowners insurance should be a critical consideration for all homeowners. Along with personal property, homeowner’s insurance covers your home for many hazards, including theft, fire, wind damage, and vandalism. Given the relatively frequent occurrence of these incidents and the substantial cost of replacing a home, a homeowners insurance policy it is a solid investment.

The cost of home insurance coverage depends on a large number of factors, including the value of the home, the value of your personal items, and the materials used to build the home. The location of your home can also affect the amount you pay, as some locations are more prone to destructive hazards. If your area is at risk of hail, high winds, or fires, your premiums could be substantially higher than average. Learn more about details of home insurance coverage .

If you want to find affordable home insurance in Birmingham, start by searching and comparing different policies. Review our summary showing average Birmingham home insurance premiums to start your home insurance search with as much information as possible. Note that the annual cost of the homeowner coverage of households it is determined based on your chosen coverage limits and other qualifying factors.

Birmingham, Alabama, Homeowners Insurance – Contents:
  1. Rates by insurer
  2. Rates by level of coverage
  3. Rates per ZIP
  4. Fees by deductible amount
  5. Package discounts

Birmingham home insurance by insurance company

What you pay for homeowners insurance in Birmingham depends on the insurance company through which you buy your policy. Allstate offers the most affordable home insurance in Birmingham, at just $ 1,231 per year. This compares favorably with the city’s median homeowner premium of $ 2,110.

Begin your search for a home insurance policy by reviewing the cheapest companies in Birmingham, Alabama, listed below.

Company Annual average rate
Allstate $ 1,231
Metropolitan $ 1,322
Centauri Specialty $ 1,743
AAA $ 1,762
USAA $ 1,939

Average Birmingham Homeowners Insurance Prices by Coverage Amount

The amount you spend on home insurance coverage is greatly affected by the level of coverage you choose. In Birmingham, carrying $ 200K home coverage costs an average of $ 1,670, while carrying additional coverage of up to $ 400K costs $ 2,514 per year.

Coverage level Annual average rate
$ 100K home $ 1,001
$ 200K Housing $ 1,670
$ 250K Housing $ 1,791
$ 400K Housing $ 2,514

Birmingham home insurance prices by zip code

Depending on what part of Birmingham you live in, you can see very different home insurance costs. The number of claims filed in your local area can be a factor in determining the price of your policy. Simply put, the neighborhood you live in could have a big impact on how much you pay for homeowners coverage.

If you’re looking for the most affordable homeowners coverage in Birmingham, take a look at zip code 35242. In the 35242 area, homeowners coverage typically costs just $ 1,651 on average – $ 459 less than the overall average for Birmingham. If you’re looking for the areas with the least expensive homeowners premiums in Birmingham, take a look at the table below.

Postal Code Average annual home insurance rate
35242 $ 1,651
35243 $ 1.838
35244 $ 1.848

However, other parts of Birmingham have homeowners insurance premiums that are higher on average. Crime rates, fire risk, and even your proximity to emergency services, such as police and fire stations, could affect risk rates in certain parts of the city, potentially driving up rates in the area. One of the most expensive ZIP codes for home insurance in Birmingham is 35254, with an annual average rate of $ 2,576.

Postal Code Average annual home insurance rate
35254 $ 2,576
35294 $ 2,403
35249 $ 2,387

Birmingham homeowners insurance deductibles

One of the decisions that must be made when purchasing a homeowners insurance policy is how high to set your deductible. A homeowners deductible is the amount your insurance requires you to pay out of pocket for a claim. Choosing your deductible affects the amount you pay for homeowners insurance.

When thinking about your deductible, a good rule of thumb is that the lower your deductible, the higher your premiums. This means that those looking for lower home insurance costs will seriously want to consider a higher deductible for homeowners. It’s worth noting that your home insurance deductible should only be as high as you can reasonably afford in the event of a loss.

The chart below reveals the average premium costs associated with the deductibles standard for homeowners .

Deductible level Average annual home insurance rate
$ 500 $ 1,937
$ 1,000 $ 1,791
$ 1,500 $ 1,719
$ 2,000 $ 1,599
$ 5,000 $ 1.362

Looking for tips to save money for insurance in Birmingham? Try grouping

One way to save on insurance costs is to think about bundling your home and auto insurance policies through the same company. The combination of homeowners and auto insurance it can be a good option to save money. By bundling their policies, Birmingham homeowners could realize annual savings of 11% on average.

Company Average Annual Auto Insurance Rate (with package)
USAA $ 881
GEICO $ 1,060
Allstate $ 1,293
Esparto $ 1,516
Progressive $ 1,561

A great way to save on insurance is combine your home and auto policies with the same insurance company .

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