1 chapter. Young god, an American Horror Story fanfic fanfiction

1 chapter.

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Madison notices her frazzled reflection in polished, dandy pointed-toed shoes. Her not detailed hell, whose walls have washed away under the prism of her excessive interest and are mired in a palette of gray colors, does not in any way combine with such a vivid silhouette that it appeared as if from nowhere. Such quiet, uniform steps belonged to far from mocking petty demons that they torture her every day, coming in various forms of intolerable clients. Montgomery seems to be haunted by third-rate actors after her death. Madison slowly looks up, and her thickly lined eyes involuntarily widen at the sight of the angelic appearance of a stranger. – Hello Madison. – His voice is offensively calm, the tips of his lips are lifted in a sly smile of pure superiority. The late Montgomery slowly gets up from her knees and now they are separated by a damn meter in which everything fits: fear hid under the cerebral cortex, the hope that it has settled somewhere deep in a smoky, rotten soul and misunderstanding. The infernal time loop that repeated itself for seemingly eternity was broken. – You’re not from here. – Madison says the obvious thing, first of all trying to convince himself of this. – You are not like the others. – You understand that … – Now surprise is inherent in the unexpected guest. His heavenly eyes narrow, and his smile takes on the outlines of interest. A faint crease appears between the eyebrows. Montgomery feels that his expensive suit with a funny collar looks more than ridiculous in the flabby interior of her personal underworld. “Most souls don’t know where they are. He tilts his head to one side, but his golden-haired curls do not give a hint of the carelessness inherent in movements. – How interesting … From this unfortunate meeting that rapped out its date in the darkest corner of Madison’s rotten mind, everything began. They appear together in front of her coven of bitches intoxicated with permissiveness. The blond bastard’s body is dressed in dark lace, and her massive boots step in time with the smart shoes of her savior. And at this moment, seized by a ghostly triumph, Madison recognizes a vague thought – these scum did not even try to resurrect it. Thought unfolds its blood-red buds, fragrant with poison that kills any germs of life, as it stands in front of Zoe and Myrtle, who sat proudly, with Cordelia in the center. As always, this sweet-sugary half-blind rubbish in the center … – You left me there. – Madison tries to sound as indifferent as possible, imposingly entering the dark room. She crosses her match-arms in the small chest area, examining the faded expressions on the faces of those present. – However, I’m not surprised. – Raises Madison’s chin. Montgomery pauses, trying to find even the slightest surprise in the witches’ eyes, or any emotion opposite to indifference. “Did you even know I was dead? – We knew it. Zoe’s voice did not change. In the dim light, her mature face looked chiseled steel. Benson has changed, especially when compared to Montgomery, who took too long to decompose for her body to have equal flexibility and vitality. At the very moment when the poisonous phrase flew out of Zoe’s lips, Madison realized one important thing – in this coven she is a stranger. And not because she was too successful, and beautiful, as she liked to think of herself because of her smokiness. It did not take root, a damaged gear in a folding mechanism. Therefore, in spite of all the prohibitions of the Supreme, in spite of all the warnings, to which Montgomery just rolled her eyes wearily and lazily waved away, she again meets with Michael …

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