10 hours and 46 minutes of effort and suffering for Zarra

Yet experienced in the terrible efforts of extreme races, Anthony Zarra crossed the finish line empty. It is true that the champion was not in his best shape, a month after the Transiberica, the bike race in complete autonomy without assistance through Spain (3,500 km and above all nearly 50,000 meters of elevation) on which he ended up with a sore foot.

In the hard

The day after this Iron Man, Anthony Zarra was still struggling to realize: “I did it! My dream has finally come true but I still have trouble believing it. The day was very trying. “However, everything had started well on the swimming test: “It was without wetsuit as is the Hawaiian tradition. The fictitious starting line was set about fifty meters from the edge to seek a U-turn around a boat offshore. Then return to the coast to find an atmosphere of madness! “.

No time to enjoy the atmosphere, we had to quickly get on the bike and tackle the 180 terminals of the cycling course in the wind: “There were toboggans and wind all along but I rode while management… There was a marathon to run behind”. Fortunately, the Angloy had kept some under the pedal to tackle the famous distance as well as possible.

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