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In 2019, Hannah Brown became the 15th single to date. Fans knew a bit about her, but not all of these cool facts!

The Bachelorette has been an extremely popular television series since it first aired and has become a worldwide phenomenon in recent years. At the center of each season is a lucky woman who shares her journey to find true love with the rest of the world, through a series of dates with potential suitors.

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In 2019, Hannah Brown became the 15th single to date. Many people know her as Alabama Hannah, the former pageant queen, with a murderous smile and infectious zest for life. However, this bachelorette party is much more than what we saw on screen.

10 She worked as an interior designer

Before Hannah Brown first appeared on our television screens, she was working as an interior designer. Just two years before filming the show, he began his career at Gracefully Done Interiors design studio in Newport, Alabama. The company specializes in combining elegance and functionality in the home.

If you go back to 2017 on Hannah’s Instagram page, you can see some of the spaces she designed. You can see from his posts that he has an eye for interior design and a passion for work.

9 she almost missed bachelor’s degree due to acne

When Hannah started the process to compete on Colton Underwood’s The Bachelor season, she had recently started battling acne. Hannah, late in the selection process for the show, decided to inform the production that she had acne because she had noticed that the girls who go on the show always have perfect skin.

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Fortunately, the production informed her that it was not a problem for them and Hannah could still compete for Colton’s heart. As well as showing other women watching the show that it’s unrealistic for everyone to have perfect skin all the time.

8 her first concert was Shania Twain

Hannah recently shared some unknown facts about herself on her YouTube channel. She revealed that her first concert was a Shania Twain concert that she went to with her father. Hannah remembers being inspired by her music videos when she was younger and wanted to be like her.

He said that he was even able to get on stage during the performance and received a kiss on the cheek from Shania because his father knew one of his bodyguards.

7 She has a Tik Tok account

In addition to starting her YouTube channel, Hannah also created a Tik Tok account in March. Since then, he has amassed 1.1 million followers and 12.8 million likes on his videos. Her account allows Hannah to show her more playful side and gives her fans a glimpse of what she’s been up to in her personal life.

Her most popular content focuses on fashion and beauty, such as videos showing her outfits and makeup routine. However, his page is filled with many dance videos and duets with other creators.

6 She is Libra

If you take a look at Hannah’s star sign and astrological chart, it makes perfect sense that she is part of the singles franchise. As a Libra, Hannah is expected to have to go through many relationships to find her perfect match.

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Her graphic also says that she is someone who has a lot of love to share, but doesn’t want to put up with people’s games or indecision, which was definitely seen throughout her time as a single.

5 His favorite movie growing up was Grease

Hannah Brown also shared on her YouTube channel that her favorite movie to watch as a child was Grease. Hannah said she knew the lyrics to each song and used to quote lines from the movie even before she knew what they meant.

He even remembers that someone gave him the script on one of his birthdays and says he would talk about the movie all the time. Hannah even revealed that she used to pretend to be Sandy all the time and that her biggest dream was to be in Grease one day.

4 She has a wish list

Hannah keeps a journal full of things she hopes to do one day in her life. Many of them include places you want to visit, like the Seven Wonders of the World. Other things on her list are things she wants to do like dance in the rain or be a foster mother.

The most interesting thing about hearing Hannah share what’s on her wish list is hearing the things she’s already checked. She wrote that she wanted to be in Ellen, fly first class, and ballroom dance. Hannah has done all of these things multiple times since The Bachelor started.

3 She went to the University of Alabama

While Alabama Hannah is known for her love for her home state, not everyone knows that she attended the University of Alabama. During her time at school, Hannah studied Communications and Information Science.

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Hannah was also a member of the Alpha Chi Omega sorority and spent a lot of time mentoring a few different elementary school students who lived on their campus. Hannah also worked as a hairstylist during her four years at UA and did people’s hair and makeup.

2 She was the first single who was not in the top four of the degree

In 2019, Hannah Brown made history when she was chosen as the youngest single woman in history at just twenty-six years old. Hannah made history in the Bachelor franchise in another way, too.

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When she competed in the Colton Underwood season she was sent home in week 7 and did not make the final four. When ABC chose Hannah to be the single, she became the first single to not make it to the final four for the season in which she competed.

1 She won dancing with the stars

After her year as a single, Hannah Brown returned to television on another ABC show. He competed on season 28 of Dancing With the Stars with his dance partner Alan Bersten. After receiving consistently high scores every week and earning the support of the show’s viewers, Hannah won the entire competition and the Mirror Ball trophy.

She reports being completely shocked when she heard her name announced as the winner and says that she is very grateful to everyone who supported her and that being on the show challenged her.

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