101-115 loss, Markelle Fultz MVP, the Magic play for the title

All the ingredients were served to them on a platter. No Splash Bros on the scoresheet. Warriors coming out of defeat against Detroit. The returns of Andre Iguodala and Andrew Wiggins to spoil. Bim-bam-boom, the Magic exploited all these flaws to build a nice success outside, where – even if the context is favorable – it is never easy to win a game of basketball. Hats off to Orlando.

The pretty homemade boxscore is by ICI !

Not the great form Golden State: two games, two losses, full of confidence for the Pistons and the Magic. Always nice to revive the “bad students” of the Eastern Conference. Make them believe that if they didn’t tank they would play for the title. Laugh laugh. Tonight, Orlando’s level was really confusing. First win in Golden State since… December 3, 2012. This band has something more.

The context ?

Before the meeting, the Warriors whistle while looking at the ceiling: no trace of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson in the starting blocks. Small sores that leave the keys to the lead to… Jordan Poole. Following the contractual redistribution of last summer, the Warriors are entitled to expect him disguised as an All-Star on this reception of the Magic. Nothing came of it: 21 points at 5/17 shooting including 2/11 from the parking lot, 6 assists and 4 balls lost in 38 minutes of play. Too much cracra. Too unruly. Creative but a little dumb. Some kind of Cory Joseph who you make believe he’s worth 30 million a year. Markelle Fultz took everything from him: the balls, the glory, the victory. It’s so disappointing.

The excuse of “Yeah but we didn’t have the Splash Bros” is not even valid. This double absence was an opportunity to empower other Warriors. It had been December 4 since Andrew Wiggins had played a basketball game. An expected and logically cautious return: only 19 minutes of play for Androu. A hard reintegration. His partners have somewhat abandoned him. All ? No. Anthony Lamb had 26 points and 8 rebounds. It’s great huh, funny to tell, but what was – we don’t know – Draymond Green doing? Have you ever seen a hairless cat? It’s damn ugly. But not as much as Draymond Green without the Splash Bros. 33 minutes of play, 5/6/5, lost balls, ineffective leadership, Paolo Banchero freewheeling.

Hey, it’s speaking of Paolo that we notice the little stat. That night at the Chase Center, three first picks were on the floor: Andrew Wiggins (2014), Markelle Fultz (2017) and Paolo Banchero (2022). Not sure to see that every night. As scratched above, those of the Magic were the best performers: 16 points, 5 rebounds, 7 assists and 6 steals (!) for Markelle Fultz, 25 points and 5 rebounds for Paolo Banchero. The first in the oven and in the mill. The second in a role of pure scorer. It’s not Penny Hardaway and Shaq yet, but this 1-5 relationship is promising. Perhaps even the focal point of the Magic’s reconstruction. May the joints hold.

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