14 newcomers to the 2023 New Year’s Eve running team – Fitwi & Co. stir up the running scene

2023 already can and should for the new years eveTrier had a successful year on the road and be in the stadiums. The 10,000MeterEMNinth Fitwi it like the Germans youth master Benjamin Dern and Trainer dope because of the professional General conditions for the New Year’s Eve runclub pulled hat, ventures in on February 19 Sevilla sein MarathonDebut. It could show whether his way already 2024 can lead to the Olympics in Paris. Benni Dern aims at national U23Title fights, medals over 1500 and 5000 meters as well as in cross-country skiing would like for the U23European Championships in Espoo/Finland (13.July 16) to qualify.

For the new season, the Silvesterlauf Trier eV only has one departure: running talent After several successful years in the association von top sporting The ambition adopted and itself to the PostSV Trier connected. “I am extremely grateful for the support over the last few years. It enriched me a lot,” said the 18Year-olds, who in 2021 as a German youthVice champion in Crosslauf celebrated their greatest success.

At the kickoff with a part of the new “New Year’s Eve runners” (in the photo with the board of directors) stood for the new team at the weekend in the New Year’s Eve runOffice in the Maarstraße a whole range of topics aon the note: gear and medial accompaniment such as Not last die Trainings and competition planning. Latter contains one size Bandwidth: she suffices von regional operations for example at the 10Kilometerstreet racing of the Bitburger 0,0%Dayufercups (prelude am 18. March in soft) about deutsche championships to international goals.

Coach Yannik Duppich builds at the club New Year’s Run Trier a Team on, the 2023 in the German running scene in front
get involved can.Photo: New Year’s Eve Run Trier eV

“We will definitely show ourselves at some races in the region,” promises dope. Tempo training is available every Tuesday afternoon in Monselstadion on the Program. Regarding his new role, the 32ndyear-old, who took part in the 2009 New Year’s Eve run had won the youth race in Trier and with a personal 10KilometerBest time of 30:01 minutes is noted: “First and foremost I am a coach. if myself competitions deny then a to the Team to help, in which I mich if provide pacemaker or if I to a team result can contribute.” National records for example in the 10thkmroad running stand on the TodoListe of the team. “We have great potential,” said Duppich. And: “Besides In view of the exciting sporting task, it is important to me that we harmonize as human beings and that we are present in the Trier region.”

Temporary farewell: Gesa Krause ran her last race on New Year’s Eve in Trier her baby break. the December 31, 2023 could be the date of her comeback at the 34th Bitburger 0.0%New Year’s Eve run at her home club in Trier.

Hans Tilly in his role as CEO dThe club was “delighted that we with this new group von competitive athletes our claim the whole range of our sport from children’s athletics the run and walking clubs for all age groups up to Selite sport too support”. That had been the guiding principle of the association from the start The basis of the New Year’s Eve run, which was already internationally renowned at the time was founded in 2002.

first time will die club colours already at the RhinelandPalatineIndoor Championships in Ludwigshafen on January 21st in the 3000thMeterrace from Fabian Marondel and David Steffes represented.

The new members of the association Silvesterlauf Trier eV
(Right to start since January 1, 2023), alphabetically like thisrtted:

Sebastian Anthony (Age: 25 years old)
Personal bests:
800 meters: 1:47.54 minutes (Durham, May 13, 2022) = Rhineland record
1500 Meters: 3:44.68 Minutes (Cleveland, 09.04.2021)
1 mile: 3:59.26 minutes (Lynchburg, 02/11/2022)
3000 Meter: 8:11,79 Minuten (Blacksburg, 14.01.2022)
10,000 meters: 31:15.84 minutes (Trier, September 9, 2022)
Previous club: Queens University of Charlotte, Virginia Tech University, LG Vulkaneifel
Nation: Great Britain & Northern Ireland
Biggest Achievements So Far: Mile Downr 4 minutes
Sporting goal for 2023: set new best times and have fun with the team.

Robert Blumentritt (25)
Personal bests:
800 meters: 1:53.28 minutes (BoilerLo, 19.08.2017)
1500 Meters: 3:55.28 Minutes (Kortijk, 09.07.2016)
10 km road: 30:51 minutes (Erfurt, 2016)
Previous clubs: LAC Erfurt, Wiesbadener LV, LG Eintracht Frankfurt
Biggest achievements so far:
2014 DMSecond “U18” over 1500 meters
2013 DMSecond “U18” over 1500 meters
Sporting goal for 2023: Stay in shape with lots of fun; half marathondebut

Ben Dern (19)
Personal bests:
800 meters: 1:55.88 minutes (Saarbrücken, 06/30/2022)
1500 meters: 3:49.20 minutes (Karlsruhe, May 21, 2022)
3000 meters: 8:10.80 minutes (Mainz, 28.05022)
5000 Meter: 14:39,21 (Rostock, 30.07.2021)
8 km road: 24:27 minutes (Trier, December 31, 2022)
Previous club: LAZ Birkenfeld
Biggest achievements so far:
2022 German U20Champion 3000 meters, 2021 German U20Master 5000 meters
Sporting goal for 2023:
Medals at the U23DM over 1500 and/or 5000 meters

Tim Dülfer (28)
social worker
Personal bests:
10,000 meters: 31:51.29 minutes (Trier, 09/2019)
10 km road: 32:15 minutes (Föhren, October 18, 2021)
Half marathon: 1:15:44 hours (pine,
Until nowClubs: TriPost Trier / LG Vulkaneifel
Biggest achievements so far:
2021 EM17. Im Triathlon Ironman 70.3
2018 Middle Distance Winner Oilman Texas
2018 German Champion Cross CountryTriathlon AND
Sporting goal for 2023: New pB over 10 km and in the half marathon; Top5placement at the professionals in the 70.3 triathlon

Yannick Duppich (32)
Sports scientist and running coach
Personal bests:
1500 Meters: 3:51.10 Minutes (Oordegem/BEL, 26.05.2018)
3000 Meters: 8:08.73 Minutes (Vught/NL, 01.08.2020)
5000 Meter: 14:23,68 (Karlsruhe, 19.05.2018)
10,000 meters: 30:20.64 minutes (Trier, September 18, 2020)
8 km road: 24:11 minutes (Trier, December 31, 2019)
10 km road: 30:01 minutes (Berlin, September 26, 2020)
Previous club: LG Vulkaneifel, Queens University of CharlotteBiggest so far Successes:
2019 South Atlantic Champion and All American Cross Country
Sporting goal for 2023:
Development of a strong team spirit

Samuel Fitwi (27)
running pro
Personal bests:
5000 meters: 13:35.56 (Dortmund, 08/15/2020)
10.000 Meter: 28:03,92 (München, 21.08.2022)
5 km road: 13:32 minutes (German record / Monaco, February 14, 2021)
8 km road: 22:54 minutes (Trier, December 31, 2019)
10 km road: 28:00 minutes (Berlin, 03/07/2021)
Half marathon: 1:01:56 hours (Dresden, March 21, 2021)
Previous club: LG Vulkaneifel
Biggest achievements so far:
2022 EMNinth 10,000 meters
3x in a row German cross country champion (20202022)
2020 EMFifth Cross Country
Sporting goal:
Qualification for the 2024 Olympic Games

Fabian Marondel (26)
Personal bests:
5 km road: 15:35 minutes (Charleston/USA, 11/27/2019)
10 km road: 33:59 minutes (Eijsden/NED, 10/23/2021)
Half marathon: 1:15:37 Stunde (Eindhoven/NED, 09.10.2022)
Previous clubs: Saar 05 Saarbrücken, College of Charleston, Aathletics Maastricht
Biggest achievements so far:
2021 Dritter 10 km DOWNStudent Championships and 2022 Ekiden
Sporting goal for 2023:
build team, support; improve over 10 km and half marathon

Andre Ramish (24)
Sports retail salesperson / selfconstant running coach
Personal bests:
5000 meters: 16:11 minutes (Trier, December 11, 2022)
10,000 meters: 33:25.86 minutes (Trier, September 9, 2022)
8 km road: 27:20 minutes (Trier, December 31, 2022)
Marathon: 2:38:01 hours (Munich, October 9th, 2022)

Former clubs: none
Biggest success so far: was never really hurt
Sporting goals:
Exercise regularly and don’t hurt; sub 2:34 in the marathon over the next few years

Tom Reuter (23)
physical education teacher
Personal best times:
5000 Meters: 14:51.44 Minuten (Ninoand/BEL, 16.07.2022)
8 km road: 24:48 minutes (Trier, December 31, 2019)
10 km road: 31:54 minutes (Lokeren/BEL, 08/06/2022)
Previous clubs: AC Eifel/BEL, LG Vulkaneifel
Nation: Belgium
Biggest achievements so far:
2022 provincial cross-country champion; U23Third beltical championships 10 km road
Sporting goals:
Getting to know the limit of my body; the 30thminutesApproach mark over 10 km

Markus Schweikert (28)
Sport Marketing Manager (Canyon Bikes)
Personal best times:
1500 meters: 3:59.31 minutes (Conway, Arizona/USA, March 10, 2018)
3000 Meters: 8:25.09 Minutes (Birmingham, Alabama/USA, 25.02.2019)
5000 Meters: 14:41.26 Minutes (Birmingham, Alabama/USA, 24.02.2019)
10.000 Meter: 30:11,53 Minuten (Torrance, California/USA, 18.04.2019)
Previous clubs: LG MaifeldPellenz, University of Central Arkansas, LG Vulkaneifel
Biggest achievements so far:
2019 Conference Champion 10.000 Meter, 2018 Conference Champion Cross Country (USA)
Sporting goals: Sub 30 over 10km; qualification for the Ironman Hawaii; TeamMedal at a DM

Sascha Troes (28)
International Tax Expert
Personal bests:
10,000 meters: 34:53.76 minutes (Trier, September 9, 2022)
5 km road: 16:35 minutes (Trier, March 11, 2022)
10 km road: 34:48 minutes (Langsur, 11/12/2022)

Previous Vequeen: Thousands Colony
Biggest success so far:
2022 qualification for the Bitburger 0.0%Run of the Aces
Sporting goals:
More constant training weeks, higher volumes and personal Best times over 10 km

Daniel Schmidt (36)
Employee of the city of Remscheid (Age Appropriate Coordinator neighborhood development)
Personal best times:
10,000 meters: 30:24.58 minutes (Bergisch Gladbach, August 30, 2012)
10 km road: 30:30 minutes (Nagold, 09/16/2012)
Half marathon: 1:06:32 hours (Cologne, October 2nd, 2011)
Marathon: 2:22:06 hours (Essen, 13.10.2013)
Previous clubs: Remscheider SV, LG Remscheid, Lüttringhauser TV, LT DSHS Cologne, TV
Refrath, TuRa RemscheidSouth, LG Vulkaneifel
Greatest sporting achievement so far:
2011 seventh of the German 10,000Meterchampionships
Sportliche goals:
Up to the age of 40, build on the best times from 2011 to 2013; lots positive moments and good placements with the new team

David Steffes (38)
fitness trainer
Personal bests:
5000 meters: 15:39.16 minutes (Friemphasis, 2004)
10,000 meters: 32:28.45 minutes (Munich, 2003)
Previous club: LG Vulkaneifel
Greatest sporting achievement so far:
2003 RhinelandPalatinateHall champion 3000 meters
Sporting goal: Comeback in running

Daniel Wallis (26)
EMEA Marketing Assistant (Saucony)
Personal bests:
800 metres: 1:51.98 minutes (Elon/USA, 14/04/2018)
1500 meters: 3:43.81 minutes (Lewisburg (USA, 04/13/2019)
5000 meters: 14:12.51 minutes (Raleigh/USA, 03/29/2019)

8 km road run: 23:36 minutes (Richmond/USA, 16.11.2019)
Former club: Queens University of Charlotte
Nation: Great Britain & Northern Ireland
Greatest achievements so far: Second Place Mile NCAA Division II Track and Field Indoor Championships 2019
Sporting goal for 2023: Having fun!

Berthodl Mertes

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