15 Best Things to Do in Fairfield (AL)

The city of Fairfield, Alabama, was founded in 1910. It was originally planned as a new city to house local steelworkers.

The city is known for its steel industry, although in recent years the workforce has become smaller, some plants remain and can be seen as you walk through the city.

Fairfield’s proximity to Birmingham makes it a popular place to live and allows easy access to all city attractions.

Whether you want to explore green parks, splash in water parks, visit local markets, or play a round of golf, you can do it all near Fairfield.

1). Railroad Park

Source: Sean Pavone / shutterstockBirmingham Railroad Park

Railroad Park is a pretty 19-acre green space in the center of Birmingham.

It’s a great place to run, walk, or stop for a bite to eat after a morning of sightseeing.

The outer loop trail at its highest point boasts incredible views of Birmingham, so don’t forget to bring your camera! The lake, streams and wetlands give way to the life of birds, flowers and more than 600 trees, making it a perfect place to relax and enjoy a moment of peace in a busy city.

two). Five points south

Fuente: Reverberations Media / FlickrFive Points South

Five Points South on Birmingham’s south side dates from the 1880s.

When Birmingham’s furnaces were at their peak, wealthy residents were looking for a place to live with clean, healthy air, and Five Points South was founded.

The suburb is abundant with historic buildings, churches, and magical fountains, but today it is perhaps best known for its culinary prowess and specialty shops.

Five Points South is home to some of Birmingham’s best restaurants and cafes, from the award-winning Highlands Bar & amp; Grill at the Hot and Hot Fish Club.

Foodies will savor the selection of international restaurants in this leafy suburb, and shoppers looking for a unique gift or souvenir from their time in Alabama will love their visit.

3). Vulcan Park and Museum

Fuente: facebook.comVulcan Park And Museum

High on a hillside above the city of Birmingham is the statue of Vulcan, God of fire and the forge.

This 100,000-pound iron statue represents the city and its industrial heritage and can be seen from miles away.

It stands 56 feet tall atop Red Mountain, near the Vulcan Museum, an interactive space that shows a historical timeline of Birmingham through a variety of exhibits.

You can hike up the mountain via scenic walking trails or enjoy a picnic at the top while taking photos of the spectacular horizon.

The park is open late and well lit, so you can enjoy sunsets and the statue light show at dusk.

4). Birmingham Civil Rights District

Fuente: Chris Pruitt / WikimediaBirmingham Civil Rights District

Alabama was at the heart of the civil rights issue that encompassed the nation during the 1950s and 1960s.

Birmingham’s six-block district allows you to visit prominent places that were affected or made a difference to the movement.

Visit sites like 16th Street Baptist Church, Kelly Ingram Park, Fourth Avenue Business District, and the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, and discover the struggles African Americans of all ages encountered during this tumultuous period in Alabama history.

5). RTJ at the Oxmoor Valley Golf Course

Fuente: photogolfer / shutterstockGolfing

If you love to golf, you will enjoy a day on the RTJ Golf Trail in Oxmoor Valley.

This 54-hole golf facility near Birmingham was built on former mining land owned by the American company Steel.

With fairways surrounded by scenic forests, peaks, streams, and valleys, it is a challenging course for all levels of experience.

You can choose to play all 3 courses in one day, or select from Ridge, Valley, or Short Course.

The Ridge is flanked by dense forests, with 150-foot elevation changes with great torques to play with, while the Valley is dotted with tranquil lakes and rolling fairways that offer a gentler introduction to the trail.

If you prefer to play the 18-hole short course, it consists of a single pitcher and plays downhill on almost every hole.

After perfecting your game and beating the competition, head over to the clubhouse for dinner, a drink, and some good conversation.

6). Alabama Splash Adventure

& lt; img src = “https: // cdn.thecrazytourist.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/Alabama-Splash-Adventure.jpg “/ & gt; Fuente: facebook.comAlabama Splash Adventure

There is no better way to spend a summer day than at Alabama Splash Adventure.

Located 10 miles southwest of Fairfield, it provides a great day out for families and friends with plenty of slides, fairground rides, splash pools, and play areas.

Whether you want to slide down the 216-foot tall, 5-story towers with hairy twists and turns, want to splash in the Kahuna Wave Pool, or leisurely float down the Warrior River on a rubber tube, you can do it all here.

Bring family, friends, a picnic and your sense of adventure and have a fun-filled day at this cool water park.

7). Magic City Grill

Source: google.comMagic City Grill

Located in the heart of Fairfield, Alabama, Magic City Grill is a laid-back restaurant popular for breakfast, brunch, and dinner.

With homemade favorites like the BLT sandwich, hearty fried chicken, and buffet-style entrees and salads, it’s a family-friendly joint with a lively vibe.

If you’re out sightseeing and want to bring a sandwich, it’s the perfect place for breakfast or lunch to go, or if you want to relax and dine with friends in the evening, there is an extensive menu for adults. and kids.

8). Red Mountain Park

Source: facebook.comRed Mountain Park

For a day full of adrenaline and team building sports, head to the 1,200-acre Red Mountain Park.

You can go to heaven on a thrilling zip line adventure, experience a challenging treetop rope and obstacle course, or climb the 75-foot-tall Kaul Adventure Tower! Activities are suitable for adults and children over 6 years old, but those under 18 must be accompanied by an adult or have a signed waiver.

If that sounds too much for you, you can still hike, mountain bike, or jog the 15-mile wooded trail or take the dog for a walk in the woods.

You can see glimpses of iron ore mine entrances and historic sites on your travels, so don’t forget your camera.

9). The Market at Pepper Place

Fuente: facebook.comThe Market at Pepper Place

The market at Pepper Place in Birmingham was established in 2000. It is a place where locals and tourists can support Alabama businesses and farmers during the summer months by purchasing fresh produce and souvenirs.

The colorful market attracts nearly a quarter of a million visitors each year and is open whether it is sunny or rainy.

With over 100 vendors selling fresh fruits, vegetables, baked goods, cheese, jams, flowers, arts and crafts, there is something for everyone.

During the summer months, you can watch live cooking demonstrations, listen to music, and there are activities to keep the kids happy too while you surf!

10). Arlington Antebellum Home & amp; Jardines

Source: Jet Lowe
/ WikimediaArlington Antebellum Home & amp; Jardines

If you enjoy local architecture and history, venture to Arlington Antebellum Home & amp; Gardens 5 miles from Fairfield.

This striking old plantation home features 6 acres of manicured gardens surrounded by towering oak trees and floral borders.

The two-story structure was built by William S. Mudd around 1845 in a Greek Revival style with columns and balconies.

It was commanded by Union troops during the Civil War, and they are said to have planned the burning of the University of Alabama here.

Today the house has been transformed into a fascinating museum displaying a collection of period artwork, silverware, textiles and furniture.

11). Western Hills Mall

Source: Mike Kalasnik from Charlotte, USA / WikimediaWestern Hills Mall

When you stay in Fairfield, Alabama, you don’t have to venture far to shop. Western Hills Mall is located on the south side of town and has several high street stores selling sporting goods, jewelry, perfumes and clothing.

You can stop for a spa treatment, paint your nails, enjoy a deli, Chinese or pizza at the mall, or venture to nearby fast food restaurants for a quick snack.

12). Bessemer Hall of History

Fuente: facebook.comBessemer Hall of History Museum

If you enjoy unique museums that contain unusual collections, you will love Bessemer Hall of History.

This museum is home to Martin Luther King Jr’s cell block door, Hitler’s WWII typewriter, a miniature replica of downtown Bessemer, and plenty of history from the early days of the railroad.

It’s an eclectic and diverse collection set in a former railway depot, offering a great learning experience about the local area and a chance to see items you won’t see in larger museums.

13). DeBardeleben Park

Source: Alabama.travelDeBardeleben Park, Bessemer

After your visit to the Bessemer History Hall, make a stop at the beautiful DeBardeleben Park.

Located in the historic center, the entire green space covers 4 blocks.

It’s a wonderful place to enjoy a family picnic or hike along wooded nature trails, plus year-round special events including the Bob Sykes BBQ and the Blues Festival!

14). Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Fuente: Bonita R. Cheshier / shutterstockBirmingham Botanical Gardens

One of the most popular attractions in the region, the Birmingham Botanical Gardens is an oasis of rare flowers, plants, trees, and themed exhibits.

Whether you want to wander through a bamboo maze, discover wandering wildflowers from a cottage garden, or meditate in the Japanese garden and bonsai, you can do it all here.

Ornate’s tropical greenhouses are home to orchids, rare plants and trees like cocoa, banana, and sugar cane, and feature colorful koi carp in pretty ponds and outdoors, you can stroll along nature trails outdoors with Regal Lily $ 0027s, Handkerchief Trees and rare Wollemi Pines. & Lt; br / & gt;

15. Birmingham Zoo

Source: Wayne Hsieh78 / shutterstockBirmingham Zoo

Birmingham Zoo is home to elephants, lions, red pandas, birds, and more.

With themed lands, endangered species and more than 700 animals from six continents, there is much to see and learn.

You can enjoy educational talks about the animals, join the keepers during feeding time, or adopt an animal and get regular updates on its progress.

A variety of seasonal events take place within the zoo, including Wildlife Photography Exhibits, a Zoolight Safari experience where illuminations and bright lights adorn the trails, and a Zoo Camp where youth can learn about animal conservation and resident animals.

If you like being around animals and want to learn more about them, you will love spending a day at Birmingham Zoo.

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