15-year-olds accused of kidnapping

Two 15-year-olds from Birmingham stole a car with two children inside: accused of kidnapping, they deny the charges

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Two 15-year-olds from Birmingham (United Kingdom), went to court to answer the kidnapping charge. The two actually stole a Nissan Note but inside there were two children aged 2 and 4. This is what the father of the children and the car owner had reported to the Birmingham police.

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After the alarm, the searches started and with the help of a helicopter, the two thieves were tracked down and with them the children. The thieves were on the highway, the officers approached the car and ordered a halt. The children were reported to their parents and the 15-year-olds were arrested. However, the two admitted stealing the car and driving without a license, but did not abduct the children as they were unaware that they were in the vehicle.

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During the escape, the two boys were going at high speed and would have collided with another car, so much so that one of the children would have suffered a slight bruise. The trial is updated to next February 25, the two young people are currently on parole on bail.

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