16 Proofs Life Is Different In Alaska / Sunny Side

Dog sledding and bitterly cold temperatures aren’t all there is to say about Alaska. Almost everything beyond the realms of possibility exists here, and animals dominate everywhere, whether it’s a cat-sized mosquito or a moose sleeping peacefully on the sidewalk.

Here on sunny side let’s take a virtual journey to this icy land. You will be impressed.

1. “This moose is nibbling on the tree right outside my window”

“Almost 4 feet of snow fell in Anchorage this year.”

2. “It is very cold outside, −30 °C. The first picture shows the tea I bought in the morning. On the second one you can see my colleague talking to our boss”

3. “At -30°C I still walked peacefully through the city. But at −50°C my eyelashes were frosted covered and everything metallic burned with cold”

4. Just a mosquito warning sign

5. “Every year in Anchorage, where I live, the most famous dog sled race, the Iditarod, starts”

“People from all over try to traverse the 1,510 km route from Anchorage to Nome through snow-covered taiga and tundra. The prize money for first place in 2020 was $500,000. But most don’t compete for the money, they compete to prove themselves.”

6. Here the animals enjoy the perks of civilization, like this moose resting on a heated sidewalk

7. Alaska airlines dispense water in cartons instead of plastic bottles

8. These pillars of light are created in Alaska by the reflection of light on ice crystals floating in the air

9. The winds in Alaska are so strong that even the strongest trees bend

10. No art, just frozen pasta on a fork

11. An unusual place for a marriage proposal

12. “This phenomenon is especially noticeable when it’s particularly cold.”

  • We call this Parhelion, and at night when it happens with the moon it’s called Paraselene. © Rxasaurus / Reddit

13. Dandelions in Alaska don’t stop photosynthesizing because the sun never quite sets here

14. “I noticed something funny. Many houses are carpeted all over”

“Some even have carpeted bathrooms and kitchens. But there are also carpets in the shops and in the corridors of the schools!”

15. “I discovered wolf tracks the other day. My work glove in size XL for comparison”

16. And of course Alaska is pure tranquility and nature. This is a glacier near the city of Cordova

Would you like to travel to Alaska? Doesn’t the cold and snow bother you?


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