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Premonitions of love

Various signs may indicate that they will soon meet with their soul mate. For example, you suddenly felt a pleasant smell (vanilla, peach), this may indicate that soon you will have to fall in love with a person with whom you are already familiar.There are many other signs, harbingers of love, some of which can be confusing. But, nevertheless, they promise only pleasant events.

1. Desire to change wardrobe, hairstyle. Some women can, if not all their lives, then for many years walk with the same hairstyle, wear things in a certain style. If you suddenly have a desire to get a haircut, somehow change your appearance, this may indicate that a new relationship may begin soon or an important acquaintance will take place.

2. Things in red and pink. If a girl began to buy red clothes for herself, lipstick of the same shades, red strings constantly cling to her clothes, soon a new acquaintance awaits her. Pink color also promises changes in personal life, but they will have to wait about a year.

3. Twins. If a woman, walking on the street, encountered twins, soon she will meet her man, a new stage in her life will begin. A girl who is already dating someone can propose.4. Minor troubles. A broken heel, a nail, a torn off button cannot but upset, but if you believe the signs, this is a good sign that says that someone is interested in a girl, she can count on a pleasant acquaintance. An accidentally cut finger is also considered a favorable omen: a woman will soon meet her betrothed. A series of any troubles predicts mutual love, problems will remain in the past, they will be replaced by a happy time.

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5. Dirty clothes. Even the most tidy person has minor troubles: food has dripped onto his blouse, the car passed nearby, doused with water from a muddy puddle. It is not worth worrying about this, because it promises an improvement in relations in family life, and for the lonely – an important meeting.

6. Lost or found decoration. If a single woman has lost her jewelry in the house, she will soon have a fateful meeting. And, conversely, the found jewelry portends a meeting with your betrothed, in the most unexpected place. If a ring is lost in the house, soon a loved one will cross the threshold of the house, and the loss of an earring portends a wedding.7. Comb on the road. If a girl picks up a comb on the road, she will soon meet her love, her life will change for the better.

8. Sugar on the floor. If you accidentally sprinkled sugar, you should not worry about this, since the omen promises either financial well-being or luck in love. Before you sweep it off with a broom, it is worth saying: “To a sweet life and love.”

9. Lost warm things. If mittens, gloves, socks, a scarf and other things were lost, and after a while you were able to find them, then this indicates a change in your personal life. Perhaps, old relationships will end and new ones will begin.

10. The appearance of animals and birds. If a cat or a cat stuck on the street, perhaps they even became new tenants in the apartment, you can count on a quick acquaintance and love. A dove sitting on the cornice outside your window portends good news, but if a girl lives in the apartment, it can predict the appearance of the groom. Meeting with 2 swans entwined in their necks predicts a quick acquaintance.11. Paired things. A girl can count on an early acquaintance if she was given a gift for a regular purchase, or instead of 1 chocolate bar, which she was counting on, she received 2, instead of 100 rubles she was given 200.

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Signs related to the first date

The first date is not yet a guarantee of a relationship; a couple can easily quarrel or break up. But according to some signs, one can understand whether the lovers will have a relationship, or everything will be limited to a couple of meetings.

1. Rain on a date is considered a favorable omen, suggests that soon the relationship will move to a new level.

2. Broken cup or plate during a date – for good, the joint future will be happy, the couple will be united by a strong feeling for many years.3. If a girl goes on a date one way, and will return on the otherthen the relationship will be happy. On the first date, you should not see off the girl, according to signs, this predicts an imminent separation.

4. New moon and full moon. If the lovers kissed on the new moon, they will have a happy joint future, strong love. The dates appointed on the new moon predict the rapid development of relations, an early wedding. Relationships that began after the full moon cannot bring happiness, you cannot make first dates for the period when the moon becomes waning. If you meet on a full moon, a lot of conflicts and discord awaits the couple.

5. A date on a bridge or intersection. It is better to avoid such meetings, after them quarrels, misunderstandings, clarification of relations and distrust await. Everything can end in parting, and reconciliation will take a lot of time and effort. The best place to meet is next to a pond or park, a beautiful landscape will help strengthen feelings, lovers will not part because of betrayals and omissions. A meeting at the poplar alley also predicts parting.6. New shoes on the first date. A beautiful new thing should be postponed, it is believed that new shoes on the first date can cause disappointment, the mutual interest of lovers will quickly fade away, they will part.

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7. Kisses on the doorstep. It is believed that if lovers hug and kiss on the doorstep, love can go away.

Of course, signs do not give one hundred percent guarantee. But, in any case, if a person believes that an interesting acquaintance and a new relationship awaits him ahead, everything will certainly come true. If only because, then on a subconscious level he himself will strive to bring these signs to life. Such a positive attitude will be much more effective than feelings and thoughts of loneliness.


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