“1st Pie”: again without heat, water and gas in the region sudden winter | Latest News of Omsk and Omsk Region

What has the Year of the Ox prepared for us? And how did you manage to please?

Despite the frost, the New Year was greeted hot

Fireworks are gorgeous in Omsk
hotly celebrating the new year
what fireworks are there in May
the skyscraper was miraculously not burned
Santa Claus

Don’t be trifles, grandfather, they didn’t burn them, did they? And what the heat was given – great! The people in Omsk

the new year comes to us at home
colder every day
oilmen moskovka left
warmth leaves houses
House manager

that in the area frankly freezes. The ministers, as usual, flew in from the governor

serving their ministers burkas
the same thing every year
people in the districts freeze
sudden winter again

Sudden winter, which year the Kalachin water supply system cannot survive

winter like love is sudden
and only one excavator
the village is sitting, and with it Kalachinsk
second day without water
general store

Kalachinsky district is a separate song altogether. Then they have trouble with numbers for the harvest

about harvests on paper
then the Omsk farmer told
ashamed in front of myself
living in lies is just tired
general store

Then they won’t find justice for the former chief hunter

even if he is out of work today
a little light into the car and into the woods
in personal lands so hunting
roe deer to shoot quietly

Some strange postman undertook to send the so-called Kalachin elite “letters of happiness” on behalf of a local deputy

which one wound up in Kalachinsk
curious postman
he sent letters to the elites
I will become the head of the district
the village

What else? Alas, the covid, like a rolling red banner, followed us in the coming year of the bull.

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Covid steps on the heels
All are fleeing in masks from him.
But nothing helps!
Who will tell us? What is the forecast?

Based on comments from WHO Director Michael Ryan, this year could be even worse than the previous one. The governor of the Omsk region fears another

Burkov has fears
after covid orvi
and the flu will trample with terrible force
with a shortage of beds

But it’s scary to say, but we got used to it more or less in a year. But the rapidly rising prices are frankly scary.
The first “present” for the new year was presented by the Omsk mayor’s office

a great gift from the mayor’s office
new tariff for utilities
fall not rise what prices
stability democracy

They seem to promise that

new tram new trolleybus
thanks, benefactors
The department has prepared a surprise for us
and we are preparing wallets

Again there was talk about water

water will rise in price since summer
at least five percent
are silent about our stinking air
how much will they let us breathe

There is a problem with clean air, but garbage-ah-ah. But everything can be solved.

garbage in life we ​​have enough
and there is no place in the cemeteries
will build a waste complex
but the crematorium is the main thing
the patriot

Naturally, not free. It is not for nothing that there have been talks that they will raise the tariff for garbage. Although Lobov spoke

the price of garbage will soar again
minister on the ears
this is per ton, not the price
like the budget will pay

Well, overhaul to the heap. Is it because a new leader came to the last one again? As usual, again from the Urals.

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again in the Omsk overhaul fund
another io came
feed again for a year
or work finally
House manager

Fffuuu, thank you, after the overhaul, the governor firmly promised

well, thank God it let go
even though travel and overhaul
until prices rise
take a break from Omsk

But food prices

Products are becoming more expensive all the time.
And this is not today, not yesterday …
Nobody controlled even once.
They don’t give a damn about their money … … they can’t count …

True, if you listen to analysts, then according to the “Big Mac index” our well-being is growing

heart balm analyst
if you count in big macs
in our country, unlike the states
zep is growing rapidly

Yes, and the president indicated, and the prime minister promised

for the president makaroshki
want to sell at exorbitant prices
but our prime minister mishustin
threatens to curb prices
Andrey Silantyev

But, as they say, God is high, the king is far

prices are skyrocketing again
harder for all the people to live
hardly drink at all do not smoke
oh, learn not to eat

And from space-ah-ah-ah. hello from cosmonaut Kud-Sverchkov

how beautiful Omsk from space is
merci hello to you crickets
major industrial center
see how a lizard beer rushing

I won’t tell you about the man with the beer, but the ex-governor Polezhaev still dreams of seeing the restored Ilyinsky Cathedral. One of the leaders of the Omsk branch of the “Two-Headed Eagle” shares his dreams.

without temples what will happen to Russia
another shouted
not in the temple man’s faith
she lives in his soul

And Leonid Konstantinovich just before the new year had a denyuzhka for the first installment in the construction of the church.

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museum for almost half a lemon
took a unique rarity
work lying down to three hundred years
a book about Lubin Avenue
Vrubel from Omsk Respect

As for the USA

squirrels in new york
to enter the park, they will blow everyone
even the cool marine of the ex
I barely took my feet away from them

What squirrels!

so Trump got the Americans
ready losers to Siberia
and Omsk does not mind accepting it
with all billions

But who will give us. Eh! Again, it should be noted that in our city the former presidents are very, very uncomfortable

another slap in the face
on a grand scale in Omsk Gorbachev
submitted by our dropout blogger
to court for the collapse of the USSR

Not hukhry-muhry. And, most importantly, the investigative committee accepted the application.
Good advice: you shouldn’t touch the owner of Omsktekhuglerod Valery Kaplunat with a word or a look

who criticizes the caplunata
he is definitely an extremist
besides, you need to check
is not a foreign agent
Andrey Silantyev

And finally, what to say. For example, Omsk is strengthening the country’s defense capability. Tanks.

Omsk sent tanks to the army
together we all shout hurray
recruit more cavalrymen
and well-aimed archers squad
Andrey Silantyev

Yes, and all the fuss around the Cosmos hotel

for the construction of the hotel
trees can be demolished
so our mayor’s office decided
and who is there emergency

may end to everyone’s delight. If they build it. Once again with the coming. More health, work and money for everyone. Bye Bye.

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