$2 Billion California Powerball Winner Didn’t Claim Jackpot Within 60 Days, What Will Happen Now?

The winner or winner of the $2,000 million Powerball in California has not yet appeared, despite the fact that the 60 days established for him to request the money in a single payment have already passed.

The draw in which a person was the winner of the largest prize in the history of the lottery it was held on November 8, the day after it was supposed to take place.

This was because one of the demarcations that participates in the raffle did not deliver its sales data on time.

Counting from November 8, It is assumed that the 60-day term for the option of a single cash payment expired in the week that passed which in this case amounted to $997 million after taxes

From now on, the lucky person has 10 months from the date of the draw to appear at the offices of the California Lottery. If you meet the period, you will receive the full prize divided into 30 annual payments.

The California Lottery establishes that the winners of the major prizes or gambling jackpots must reveal their identity, so that when the new millionaire goes to the offices of the entity, the authorities must inform it publicly.

Until this Tuesday, the office had not reported that the winner had come forward to claim their prize.

The only jackpot winning ticket was sold at Joe’s Service Centera gas station in Altadena, Los Angeles County.

The winning numbers of the draw that is supposed to take place on November 7 were: 10, 33, 41, 47, 56; and the Powerball, 10.

In the case of the $1.337 million Mega Millions jackpot in the July 29 draw, the winning duo waited almost until the 60-day time limit was up to request the disbursement in a single payment.

The millionaires are supposed to receive about $780.5 million in cash.

In the case of this status, jackpot winners may remain anonymous.

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