2-Year-Old Boy Buried at Cummings Park in Stamford, Connecticut – NECN

One day after the authorities The body of a 2-year-old boy was dug up in a park in Stamford, Connecticut.an entire community was traumatized.

Stamford families wonder how something like this could have happened when they learned of the tragic death of little Liam Rivera.

“That doesn’t seem normal because you have to love your children,” says Carlos Espina, father of a family.

Investigators say two-year-old Liam was found inside a bag underground in a park. His father, Edgar Ismelej Gomez, 26, is the main suspect.

“I had only seen him by sight, I just don’t know him…not personally,” said a resident of the area named Santos. According to Santos, Edgar Ismelej Gomez is known to many in the area.

Other neighbors who reside where the mother reportedly lived with the child, assure that the father was previously investigated for abuse against the child.

Ada Guzmán, who knows the boy’s mother, spoke about another incident that had happened to little Liam in the past, “The boy dislocated a little arm, they began to investigate and supposedly the father, I don’t know… they said it had been an accident.” .

According to the prosecution, Gómez was arrested in July 2021 for events that occurred in January of the same year. Liam was 8 months old at the time and a protective order was issued against Gomez.

According to the police, A report from a family member concerned about the boy began the search, and authorities managed to find the body of little Liam, buried in Cummings Park.

Medical examiners ruled Liam’s death a homicide caused by multiple head trauma.

Gomez is currently being held on $3 million bail.

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