In March, her weekly show was preempted for two straight Saturdays after she questioned the national loyalty of Minnesota’s Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar and other Muslim women who wear hijabs.
Pirro is a staunch Trump supporter and a sharp critic of Democrats.
[Watch the video below]
Related Story: Robert Mueller Ends Silence On Russia Probe, Says He Can’t Assure President Did Not Commit Crime That comment in particular infuriated Pirro, who compared the special counsel to former FBI director James Comey.
Pirro called his comments “disappointing.” “Charging the president with a crime was therefore not an option we could consider,” he explained.

She essentially accused Mueller of colluding with the left.
Jeanine Pirro took aim at special counsel Robert Mueller Saturday night in the opening statement of her show.
Fox immediately distanced itself from Pirro’s comments.
“Now the calls for impeachment are echoing throughout Congress,” she added. “So Mueller, I imagine at the behest of the left, gives them what they need to jumpstart the calls for impeachment.”
“Why does Mueller do a Jim Comey and say ‘I didn’t charge, but only because dot, dot, dot?’” she said. “Why? He does it to rally the left because the Mueller report didn’t hurt enough.”
The Fox News host specifically criticized Mueller for the news conference he held Wednesday, when he spoke publicly for the first time about his report on Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election, and said the report did not exonerate President Donald Trump.
I guess we now have a competition between holier than thou Cardinal Comey and mixed up Monsignor Mueller both members of the choir of never Trumpers in church of demon-rats because that’s what this is all about. Nothing more, nothing less. #OpeningStatement
“Mueller was charged with serving the United States of America and not his ego, yet that is exactly how he will now be remembered,” the Justice with Judge Jeanine host said. “Mueller had a case of seller’s remorse, when the seller regrets what he’s already sold.”
She went on to say: “Nothing has changed in the report. The only thing that has changed is Mueller deciding to create chaos and havoc.”
“If we had had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime we would have said so,” Mueller stated.


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