After Lidl now Aldi: Discounters are throwing extremely popular e-scooters at a ridiculously low price

Update: As we forecast, Aldi is now following suit. You can now find the identical scooter at the same price on the Aldi Nord delivery page. It is not yet known when the offer will come, we estimate: early June. There are two disadvantages to the Aldi offer compared to the Lidl offer: a top case is not included (cost 60 euros) and the scooter is only available in black from Aldi.

Original news from May 18th, 2020:

Let us stay with the facts that Lidl provides us with his 1,000-euro electric scooter: the black retro scooter corresponds to one 50 cubic scooter and makes it onto one Top speed of 45 km / h at an output of 2 kilowatts. You need a class B (car) or A driver’s license (AM moped license is sufficient). The scooter is exhausted 100 kilometers 4 kilowatt hours. In addition to 2 rear-view mirrors, a central ignition and handlebar lock, a main and side stand, a battery indicator, high and low beam, the scooter is also equipped with a top case – this is new compared to last year’s offer! You will find additional storage space under the seat. The charger is of course included. The scooter is available while stocks last – and that won’t be long. From purchase there is two-year guarantee.
But where does the scooter come from? The name says it all: the scooter comes from a manufacturer called Nova Motors. This company is located in Eppingen in Baden and operates an extensive website with various petrol and e-scooters, electric bicycles and e-mobiles. Nova Motors sells its products directly through its website and then delivers them to your home via a forwarding agency (Schenker or similar).
CHIP wanted to know whether these scooters are actually made in Germany. Nova Motors told CHIP: “The vehicles are made in China. However, as soon as they arrive in Germany, they will be fully assembled and completely checked by our workshop. Only then is the sale or delivery to the customer.“How extensive the assembly is in this country is difficult to say, after all it can also be that only small steps, such as attaching the rear-view mirrors, are carried out in this country. But before you dismiss the scooters as Chinese goods, you should honor them that the company Nova Motors offers numerous spare parts on its website. Another plus point is the on-site service and on-site repair, in which a mechanic comes directly to you at a fixed price otherwise you can expect from China hardware stores from the hardware store.

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