British fortnight arouses anger and dismay

The British government’s decision to impose a voluntary fortnight on all travelers arriving in the United Kingdom, in order to avoid a second wave of Covid-19, dismays the economic world, which considers the measure “inapplicable” and “isolationist”.

Interior Minister Priti Patel confirmed on Friday that as of June 8, any traveler arriving in the United Kingdom should undergo a voluntary fortnight, wherever they choose. Only truck drivers, medical staff and travelers from Ireland will be exempt.

The address for the chosen “retirement” must be communicated to the authorities, who will be able to carry out checks and impose a fine of 1,000 pounds (1,130 euros) on offenders.

The “outcry” was immediate, according to The Times. Decision, “Which could limit travel to and from the UK indefinitely”, divided the government and the Conservative MPs themselves “Accused Downing Street of imposing draconian restrictions”, ensures daily life.

Opponents of the measure believe it presents “So many flaws that it will not prevent a second wave of coronavirus in any way”, and could “Bring the aviation industry to its knees”, relieves The Daily Telegraph.

No “air bridges”

The newspaper quotes Tim Alderslade, head of the organization representing British airlines, Airlines UK. He believes that“Entering quarantine at this point makes no sense” and that the government has taken “The worst decision”. “Restoring air links as quickly as possible is essential to restart the British economy”He says.

In general, Note The Guardian, “The professional organizations are furious, considering that the government should have adopted a more targeted approach – and signed international agreements, which would have made it possible to avoid certain restrictions”.

In the Financial times, Stephen Phipson, head of the professional organization Make UK, also qualifies the measure as“isolationist” and urges the government to take inspiration from how Asian countries responded with one voice to the pandemic of SARS in 2002, “With a common toolbox of standards and procedures”.

But international cooperation does not seem to have been the concern of Downing Street: the BBC observe that “Air bridges” had been considered with countries where the pandemic is under control, “To allow tourists to travel without a fortnight”. But such measures “Will not be implemented immediately”.

In fact, France thought it was one of the exempt countries. She discovered Friday, “with regret”, that it was not so and promised retaliation, reports Subway. “France is ready to set up reciprocal measures, as soon as the system comes into force on the British side”said a spokesman for the Interior Ministry.

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