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TV series are Dua Lipa’s favorite pastime during confinement, and not only!

The 24-year-old singer revealed that she has “watched every TV show on the planet” since her early 40s.

The pop star – who released her second album, ‘Future Nostalgia’, in March – told Smallzy for Nova FM: “I have watched all the TV shows on the planet.

“I watched ‘In the kingdom of wild beasts’, I watched ‘Unorthodox’, I watched ‘Ozark’. I watched everything and I watched a lot of different films.

“I have been working for a few days, so I am grateful to be able to work a bit and promote my album.

“I’m also a little loaf. I suck, and I have no patience, but I found out that I’m pretty good at comics. I decided it was my thing.

“I started to doodle and I thought, ‘Oh, I like that, I could draw such a thing.’ It’s like a hidden talent.”

Dua also claimed that she found it hard to motivate herself to write new songs during the confinement.

On the job side, the London star has revealed that she “doesn’t feel very inspired” at the moment.

She said: “I had to start my tour in April and I was supposed to be on tour for six months straight, but who knows?

I thought about writing during this time, but to be honest, I don’t feel very inspired.

“I wish I could just sit down and write, but I just got out of the studio writing ‘Future Nostalgia’, and it’s so crazy considering what we’re going through and what we’re dealing with. .

“It’s a rather troubling time – my mind is restless.”

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