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Tired of the Christmas spirit? Tired of cataclysmic news? Tired of the football that stinks of exploitation? That’s good, so are we! Welcome to our 5th Weightlifting Advent Calendar, which we hope will be original and entertaining! Every day (or almost) until December 24, an idea for a paper thing to put under the tree. Good for the soul, good for our little bookseller-friends, good for our paper-friends, good for our neurons. Unpretentious, favorites that we want to share, not necessarily new, not necessarily unheard of stuff. Just pieces of paper, often printed, in origami format, of a thickness to slip into pockets or large blocks to wedge the Christmas tree, which moved us, challenged, questioned, thrilled or intrigued… And that we want to make you (re) discover. So open the day-to-day pages…

For this second stage, we offer you nothing less than a triple literary pleasure. The six volumes of the saga Blackwater of Michael McDowellpublished by Mr Toussaint Louverture, are indeed both an amazing family saga tinged with fantasy, a frighteningly cut soap opera where the pleasure is also in the reading rhythm you choose (including breaks between two volumes) but also superb small objects to take out proudly to read in any place. Despite his popularity and literary success across the Atlantic, the Bostonian Michael McDowell is best known in our regions as the author of the stories from which the jubilatories are taken Bettlejuice of Tim Burton et The strange Christmas of Mr. Jack d’Henry Sellick. As excellent as the films are, it must be said that the two original stories are much more twisted, dark and cruel than their filmed version. If he is best known for his gothic stories from the South of the United States and his thrillers, the work of this inveterate paperback writer who died in 1999, is extremely varied. One theme, however, comes up more than recurrently in his books: that of the family.
Blackwater is the most eloquent example. The six volumes and 1,500 pages of this fresco tell us with a remarkable sense of romance the story of several generations of the family. Caskey. The life of this clan of wealthy loggers reigning over the town of Lost, Alabama, at the beginning of the 20th century, will be upset by the strange arrival ofElinor Dammert. This young woman mysteriously linked to the local river will integrate the family and thus trigger the beginning of a matricide war between her and the powerful and twisted Mary-Love who until then reigned uncontested over the family and the city.
Sumptuously packaged et mis en relief by the unmistakable covers designed by Pedro Oyarbide, the six volumes of this family odyssey mix genres with constant happiness. Family chronicle, social drama, romance, fantasy, horror… Michael McDowell blurs literary boundaries and finds in it a singular and fascinating voice. Throughout the pages and volumes, we come across a host of characters, overwhelmingly female, portrayed with rare finesse and complexity. With his irresistible narrative mastery, his sense of tenderness and fearsome cruelty, Blackwater is one of the great pleasures of reading in which we advise you to dive head first. At your peril !

Blackwater of Michael McDowell
translated by Yoko Lacour with the participation of Helen Charrier
Published by Mr. Toussaint Louverture from to june 2022
Volume 1: The Flood, Volume 2: La Digue, Volume 3: The House
Volume 4: The War, Volume 5: The Fortune, Volume 6: The Rain
250 pages approximately and €8.40 each
EAN: 9782381960456

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