230.5 million contract for Kyler Murray. He chose the right sport!

Kyler Murray is an exceptional athlete. He has just been rewarded as he should be, by signing a 230.5 million contract with the Arizona Cardinals.

Of this amount, $160 million is guaranteed.

Did you know the athletic Cards quarterback isn’t just a good football player. He is also an exceptional baseball player.

Exceptional enough that he was drafted in the first round, 9th overall, by the Oakland Athletics in 2018.

Tse, a natural. Murray played for the University of Oklahoma program, where he notably hit 10 home runs in 51 games as a 20-year-old.

Murray ultimately opted for the football path. The opposite would have been surprising for this first choice overall in 2019.

Well, we confirm that he made the right decision. Renowned Major League Baseball reporter Bob Nightengale made this interesting observation after Murray’s contract.

Oakland’s payroll, the team that drafted her, is 48.5 million. Murray’s new contract will provide him with an annual salary of 46.1 million.

One thing is certain, if Murray had achieved as much success in baseball as he has in football, it is not with Oakland that he would have continued his career.

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