248 area code of Birmingham, Michigan (Birmingham, Michigan), operator’s phone code in 2023

248 – whose code, which mobile operator, which country and city code? This is the area code for the city of Birmingham, Michigan, United States. International code for Birmingham, Michigan: 1 248. Learn how to call Birmingham, Michigan from Ukraine

Telephone code of Birmingham, Michigan (Birmingham, Michigan): 248

International dialing code for Birmingham, Michigan, USA: 1 248

In this section of the site, we have collected up-to-date information about the telephone code of Birmingham, Michigan (Birmingham, Michigan). Long distance calls to landlines within the United States must use the correct area codes. For international calls, you additionally need to dial the country code, the code of Birmingham, Michigan (Birmingham, Michigan) in the international format: – 1 248.

With the help of our directory you will find new phone codes for all regions of the United States. Thanks to a convenient search by city name and code, you can determine from which city you are being called.

How to call Birmingham, Michigan, USA from Ukraine correctly?

For calls from Ukraine to a landline phone, you need:

  1. Dial + or 00 from a mobile phone to reach an international line (from a landline dial 00)
  2. Enter US country code: 1
  3. Enter the zip code of Birmingham, Michigan (Birmingham, Michigan): 248
  4. Dial subscriber number

The combination of numbers for calls from Ukraine to Birmingham, Michigan (Birmingham, Michigan) from mobile to mobile:

+ (or 00) – 1- mobile operator code – subscriber number

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