3 sensible reasons to turn off your cell phone regularly

  • Health: Save time, avoid stress and work with concentration
  • Security: Protection of your own privacy
  • Sustainability: Save energy and conserve resources

Whether as an alarm clock, means of payment or to check news – the smartphone combines many functions of different everyday processes and has long ceased to fulfill its original function as a communication medium. A life without a smartphone is unthinkable in 2023, that’s how the average weekly cell phone usage time according to Postbank digital study on around 20 hoursin the target group of so-called digital natives the number is even higher.

Switch off your smartphone: Avoid stress, save time or work more concentrated – health aspects

Based on these numbers, making oneself somewhat more independent of the intelligent all-rounder seems to make sense. In addition to tips on spending less time on your smartphone, talk three main reasons for leaving the smartphone switched off more often and thereby reducing its use. Health effects are arguably the most discussed topic when it comes to smartphone use. In times marked by war, imminent climatic changes or polarizing diseases such as Corona, the concern of the increasing mental stress. Most news apps send push notifications to their users, thus ensuring an uninterrupted flood of information. It is advisable, especially when it comes to news that is difficult to digest fixed times for gathering information to determine You can even switch off your smartphone completely in the meantime and taking the time to classify such messages.

Social media apps are installed on most smartphones and are used intensively, especially by younger generations. There are always discussions about which one Influence of the social networks on the psyche of the users have and how you can practice a conscious use of Instagram, Snapchat and Co. One Study at the University of Heidelberg examined the usage behavior of social media and the resulting individualization of society: Der high pressure of expectations to lead a life as unique as possible and to share it with his followers, can create artificial stress. This in turn has the potential to increase the risk of mental illness. Phenomena such as Fomo or “WhatsAppitis” confirm this theory, a clear scientific classification cannot be determined. However, switching off the smartphone from time to time definitely cannot hurt in this regard.

Also around focus times during work or while learning, the smartphone should be kept away from the corresponding environment if possible. Above all, experts see children as particularly at risk and recommend a reflected media consumption and see the Media education as one of the central educational tasks the current time like that Augsburg General reported. According to a professor at the University of Augsburg, cell phone use is linked to sleep disorders and cyberbullying, which can result in a learning deficit of up to a year. Also in everyday working life private cell phone use can bring disadvantages and too increased distraction to lead. According to Study at Michigan State University already results from one Interruption of three seconds double the margin of error in professional activity.

Protection of your own privacy

Every day you search the internet with your smartphone for all kinds of topics such as the latest offers, sports results or new recipes. This inevitably leads to an exchange of information between the user and the network. Especially because of interactive architecture of social media networks you leave personal traces with every use, the conclusions about hobbies, interests and purchasing power to permit.

A secure password helps protection of your data against hacker attacks or the like. That Turn off your phone completely once a weekaccording to the recommendation of NASA, the so-called “Mobile Devices Best Practices”, further strengthen data protection. This allows hackers are preventedtemporary informationwhich accumulate with prolonged use, from the smartphone to steal.

Continue to worry Updates when rebooting for more safety. Because if you regularly install updates on your smartphone, you not only get an updated design or new functions. First and foremost, regular updates ensure that Security gaps are eliminated and that the operating system works smoothly. Here, too, regularly switching the mobile phone on and off can have positive and, above all, safety-related aspects.

Save energy and conserve resources

The use of smartphones can make a significant contribution to living more energy-efficiently. Be it her Background usage of apps or the Screen brightness adjustment – with a few simple tricks you can prevent your mobile phone from becoming a power guzzler.

In addition to energy-saving use, it also helps To extend the life of the lithium-ion battery and the smartphone itselfby completely shutting down the device at night or when not in use. This not only protects your wallet and the environment, but also has health effects. Because if you banish your smartphone from the bedroom at night, you can get a healthier sleep.

Electrical devices such as smartphones or laptops included valuable raw materials such as silver, gold or copperits procurement and processing a large ecological footprint leave behind. In order to be aware of this, the aim of every smartphone user should be to use it for as long as possible. With what is probably the oldest and simplest trick you can achieve a lot in ecological terms – that Turn off your smartphone regularly. If you decide to buy a new smartphone after a while, you should consider these tips before you part with your old device.

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