3 teams who should trade to Bears for Bryce Young

The Chicago Bears picked up the first pick. With Alabama quarterback Bryce Young expected to be the No. 1 draft pick, several teams will be calling Chicago to negotiate No. 1.

By losing to Minnesota and beating Houston at Indianapolis, the Chicago Bears got the No. 1 pick in the 2023 NFL Draft. Bring in Bryce Young.

Wait, the Bears already have a quarterback in Justin Fields. This means that there are several options to work with. By having control of the first pick, the Windy City is in a prime position to make a statement by either staying where they are and taking on someone like Will Anderson Jr or perhaps negotiating with a desperate team and acquiring a large amount of capital in return.

The latter case is likely to occur. But who would be so desperate to jump to the top pick and get the rights to Bryce Young? The answer is: several teams. Here is a list of three potential suitors.

Third team that should trade with the Bears for Bryce Young: the Indianapolis Colts.

Jim Irsay has publicly stated that he was tired of the revolving door at quarterback. As such, Hoosier State is ready to make a move to find a franchise quarterback. But that poses a problem. They may have to make a trade to find one, and since the Bears hold the first overall pick, they’re an option.

Head Coach Matt Eberflus comes from the Colts organization and has strong ties to the team. As such, negotiations are bound to take place, but the asking price is going to be high. At least two, possibly three first-round picks will be needed. If the Bears are serious about rebuilding, that’s the number of picks it will take at a minimum. We may ask for more.

Additionally, players could be involved in the trades, as Chicago has many holes to fill in its roster. If the Colts want to get past Houston and get a quarterback ahead of them, this is their only chance to do it, unless the Texans come down to get more picks. Speaking of the Texans, they’re next.

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