3-year-old dies from flu, family says

BRIDGEPORT, Mich. (WNEM/Gray News) – A 3-year-old Michigan girl died Tuesday morning after battling influenza A, according to her family and friends.

Morgan Laine Ransom died unexpectedly less than one month before her fourth birthday, her obituary said.

A GoFundMe page started by a family friend said that Morgan was struggling to breathe because of her illness with the flu. First responders tried to revive her for an hour, but they were unsuccessful.

“Instead of planning for her fourth birthday next month, they are planning for her funeral,” the GoFundMe page reads.

Morgan was described as having “the happiest smile and the brightest soul.”

Morgan’s mother said the funds will go directly towards her funeral costs, cremation fees, and household expenses while her husband is off work.

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