3,000 cigarettes in two seasons: the “Peaky Blinders” star smokes quite a bit – News 2022

The popular series Peaky Blinders enters its final round. The sixth season can currently be streamed on Netflix, and a film about Thomas Shelby is also in the works. The hardships Tommy actor Cillian Murphy puts on for the series only recently became clear again when it was revealed how many cigarettes he smoked alone in two seasons.

“Peaky Blinders” tells the story of the Shelby family, who run illegal horse betting in the working-class area of ​​Birmingham. The leader of the family is Thomas Shelby, also known as Tommy, who actually wants to ensure that his family earns money through legal means, but keeps coming into contact with the criminal underworld. A major theme of the series is also the First World War, which is still in the bones of the Shelby’s sons. Trauma and war injuries ensure that the family goes through hard times.

Trailer for the final season

That can only be endured with a lot of cigarettes, in the 1920s people smoked a lot anyway. Thomas Shelby is therefore hardly to be found without a cigarette. In an interview, lead actor Cillian Murphy revealed that he had to smoke over 3,000 cigarettes for the first two seasons of “Peaky Blinders” alone.

You don’t have to worry about Cillian Murphy though. The cigarettes are props without tobacco or nicotine. These herbal cigarettes are certainly not healthy either, but by no means as harmful as real tobacco.

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