3000 helpers fight mega fire in California

There are now almost three thousand firefighters fighting the mega fire in the US state of California. The blaze storm near Yosemite National Park, dubbed the Oak Fire, destroyed 45 square miles of forest by Monday evening.

Firefighter Jonathan Pierce from the California Fire Department explains why:

“We have very low humidity, high temperatures and years of drought, it hasn’t rained enough everywhere. In Mariposa County (over the past few years) many trees have died. If you now combine this with the topography here, the steep slopes in many places, this explains the extreme development of the fire.”

At the weekend, the governor of California declared a state of emergency in the affected areas.

But the situation is no longer hopeless: on Monday morning the huge fire was contained in ten percent of the area, in the evening it was already 16 percent. The bad news lies in the reverse calculation: the mega fire continues to rage uncontrollably on 84 percent of the area…

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