4 Key Things to do After a Cancelled Flight

Flight cancellations happen more often than you think and in most cases, you can do absolutely nothing about it. What happens when you find yourself in such a situation? This article talks about some key things you can do after a cancelled flight. 

1. Check for Notifications

Airlines are expected to notify passengers when there is a change in the flight, be it a delay or a cancellation. Ensure you check your email or SMS notification for any updates from the airline. This will let you know the next steps to take. If you were informed of the cancellation less than 14 days before the original departure date, then you might be entitled to flight cancellation compensation. If you’ve also got to the airport before being notified, you might be entitled to other perks such as free meals and drinks and a hotel booking. The notification can also tell if the flight has been rescheduled or if you’ve been booked on another flight. 

2. Talk to an Agent

If your flight gets cancelled, you should request to know why. This is the time to contact an agent from the airline to know why your flight got cancelled. Ask them to put this in writing, as you will need it when requesting compensation. Common reasons for flight cancellations include bad weather conditions, unavailable aircrew, security issues, mechanical issues, and bird strikes. However, as long as the reason for cancellation is within the airline’s control, you are entitled to compensation. 

3. Exercise Your Rights as an Air Passenger

While at it, you should exercise your rights under the EU 261/2004 regulation that protects air passengers against severe flight disruptions. This applies to flights departing from an EU airport or landing in one, provided that the airline has its headquarters in an EU member state. Under this law, you may be entitled to up to €600 in compensation. You also have access to basic services such as internet, snacks and drinks, and hotel booking for unplanned overnight stay at the airport. 

As long as you have a valid ticket and booking information, feel free to exercise your rights. Read about the EC 261 law and take active steps towards ensuring you are well compensated. 

4. Take Action

It’s not enough to get frustrated about the ineffectiveness of the airline; it is time to take action and let them pay for the inconvenience. Get the airline agent to put the reason for the cancellation in writing. Then, gather all your documents from your ticket to receipts and vouchers. You can then either reach out to the airline directly or get help by hiring an attorney or a firm to assist you through the process. 

Bottom Line

Getting cancelled flight compensation might not erase the inconvenience and affected travel plans, but it will ease you in some way. The good news here is that you can still claim compensation for as far back as a flight operated six years ago. Just go through the eligibility criteria and be sure that you are entitled to this compensation under European law. 

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