4 more young people charged in the death of a Latino teenager in Iowa

Four young people were accused this Tuesday in relation to the homicide of a 15-year-old teenager who died from gunshots outside a school in the capital of Iowa.

Des Moines police charged the teens nearly three weeks after six people were arrested in connection with the shooting in which they Jose David Lopez he died and two more young men were injured.

The four youths were charged with intentional homicide and two more charges for attempted homicide.

What more details are there about the facts?

The shooting broke out around the East High School campus near downtown Des Moines.

After reviewing the security cameras and questioning both the suspects and their relatives, the investigators determined to arrest the four young men.

According to the authorities, six pistols were used in the shooting and the policeman recovered 42 casings from the scene and from the suspects’ vehicles.

The detainees were identified as Gumaro Marquez Jacoboof 18 years; Braulio Hernandez Salas y Daniel Hernandez, both 17 years old, and Kevin Isidro Martinez16.

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