42 points against the Pels

If the perfs of legend follow one another at the moment, let’s not forget those who are “simply” exceptional. This is the case of Joel Embiid, who again clubbed a racket last night and not just any racket, since it was Zion Williamson and Jonas Valanciunas who left Philly with an injury, their buttocks very red and a defeat in the bag.

The shock house stats are right here!

Two teams in good shape and squatting at the top of their Conference.

Two snowshoe monsters who had arranged to meet.

And a revenge to take for the Sixers, who had seen CJ McCollum laugh in their face a few days ago during Act I of the clash. Sixers fans rejoice, revenge there was indeed and it was therefore, very surprisingly, Joel Embiid who was responsible for ringing the revolt. With Tyrese Maxey once again used off the bench and James Harden in a very wise role as executive assistant, Jojo took the lead and carried his own, and if at the same time some stuck 70 on him so content with quarantine, just to keep some on hand to do the same thing once or twice this week.

42 points at 15/24 in shooting including 2/3 from the parking lot and 10/10 in throws, 11 rebounds, 5 assists, 1 steal and 1 against in 36 minutes

He had started by reminding a tall Lithuanian that he also shot from afar, he continued with space spins and far too violent cuts. A big run in the third quarter at the height of NOLA’s domination, a nudge at the end of the game and we don’t talk about it anymore, because this season Joel Embiid’s domination is matched only by that of his opponents in the race for the MVP. A final victory for the Sixers that should not be announced, however, without mentioning the injury exit of Zion Williamson after three quarters, the beast having been hit in the hamstrings it seems, the worst news of the day in the bayou.

Herb Jones has tried, all of Louisiana has tried, but if Joel Embiid is the League’s leading scorer this morning, it may not have been by chance. The next victims of the Process? The Pacers tomorrow night, RIP Myles Turner. And for the Pels? We will wait for news, crossing our fingers.

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