5 states report 108 live births after abortion

A pro-life activist holds a model of a 12-week-old embryo outside the Marie Stopes clinic in Belfast, Northern Ireland, in this undated photo. | (Photo: Reuters)

In the last 12 years, 108 babies have been born alive after abortion attempts in just five US states.

The babies were born in Arizona, Florida, Michigan, Minnesota and Texas, Live Action reported, citing state records. Only a small minority of states report when babies are born alive after an abortion, Live Action Director of External Affairs Alison Centofante told The Christian Post in an email.

“There are only a handful of states (eight as far as we know) that require reporting live births after abortions,” she wrote. “Some states that require reporting had reported zero, an example of that would be Oklahoma.”

Only a small number of abortions result in the live birth of a child. Statistics from Texas suggest that about two babies in 100,000 survive abortion. But when people find out about these cases, it can affect the way people view their unborn babies, he noted.

“Babies born alive after unsuccessful abortions illuminate the humanity of every unborn child, a humanity that is present at the moment of conception. Pounding hearts, pumping lungs, little fingers and hands. Listening to baby stories Live births after failed abortions should awaken people from their sleep of apathy, “Centofante said.

“Abortion kills 2,363 babies every day in the US. The procedure starves, poisons, beheads and dismembers the most vulnerable members of our human family and we must do everything we can to protect them.”

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Methods of abortion include injecting potassium chloride or digoxin, dilation and evacuation, which pro-life groups refer to as dismemberment, and crushing of the skull, among others.

Current child protection laws lack the force necessary to protect abortion survivors, Centofante argued.

“The Federal Live Born Baby Protection Act of 2002 is insufficient to ensure that babies who survive abortion receive adequate care because it simply recognizes that all newborns, regardless of the circumstances of their birth, must be recognized as persons from the moment of their birth if they show any sign of life. It does not establish specific duties that an abortion doctor follow them or sanctions if they are not followed, “he said.

Under the 2002 law, US law considers “every infant member of the homo sapiens species that is born alive at any stage of development” a person. Actively killing a baby after birth is murder under American law.

The law is less clear about whether babies born alive after an abortion can die without medical help. In 19 states, no law requires adults to provide medical care for babies born after abortion.

In some cases, newborn babies die.

In 2006, a baby born alive after an abortion was sealed in a biohazard bag to die. In 2013, three employees of the abortion clinic in Texas testified that an abortion doctor killed live-born babies during abortions. In 2017, an abortion provider told an undercover reporter that he was paying attention to who was in the room when a baby was born alive.

“At this time there is no federal protection to ensure that babies born alive from abortion receive adequate medical care for a baby wanted at that age and that there will be penalties if care is not provided,” Centofante wrote.

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Tara Sander Lee, a senior researcher at the Charlotte Lozier Institute, stated last year that without legal sanctions and protections for babies who survive abortion, “these babies are going to die on the table.”

Lee cited a study, saying that babies born as early as 22 weeks had a 58% survival rate in 2016.

The Born Abortion Survivors Protection Act would require physicians to provide medical help to babies born alive after an abortion or face legal penalties. Despite multiple attempts, Congress has failed to pass the bill.

“Letting a baby in need of medical attention die, while not an active execution, is really killing that child through negligence and a deliberate decision to leave it on the table in the delivery room, withholding the care that child deserves,” Centofante declared.


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