5 weeks in Alaska / Yukon in August / September 2014

I’ll start from scratch. After our very first motorhome trip in 2011 (Western Canada BC and Alberta), I was not really into motorhome travel. The trip itself was wonderful, but the slower daily rhythm than with car trips was alien to me.

Because my mother has to do everything on her own, it just takes time and after dinner you can’t just drive off, you have to wash the dishes first and whatever else you have to do with work.

Be that as it may, a few years passed and the mobile home fire was blazing stronger and stronger in me too. The evenings around the campfire or on the campgrounds in general were great. So inside I got involved and since then it has been my preferred way of traveling! My mother was enthusiastic from the start.

After our trip in 2011 in the wheelchair-accessible Fraserway motorhome, this time we booked a normal C-Medium from Fraserway. Firstly, there was no barrier-free at Whitehorse station and the wheelchair-accessible models at the time had a design disadvantage and were relatively old, which is otherwise not known to Fraserway. Ours was almost 6 years old at the time.

There were a few destinations in the far north that we would love to see, so we booked our motorhome in late November 2013.

The trip runs from August 11th (takeover) to September 14th, 2014 (return, so 34 nights. We were en route for a total of 37 days.

In 2010 we were in Alaska and the Yukon in June / July, now we want to get to know autumn.

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We made plans

Plan A: The Northwest Territories to Yellowknife, one wide arc and back to Whitehorse. In the course of the summer the forest fires became more and more violent in this area, and the main highways were also closed for some time. So the plan fell flat. See our travel report 2017

Weeks passed, I checked the fire reports every day, the situation did not improve.

So more plans were needed:

Plan B: Explore the islands of Southeast Alaska by ferry (+ motorhome)

or maybe

Plan C: Another approximate 8 through Yukon / Alaska but with Dalton and Dempster Highway.

At least when we took off we knew that Plan A was impracticable.

Since we really wanted to see the Galcier National Park, we booked a flight from Skagway to Gustavus for August 12th, after the first night of motorhomes. There we will spend the night at Glacier Bay Lodge and then take a full day boat tour into the national park. Immediately after the boat trip we will be flown back to Skagway.

Because no matter which route we choose, going to Gustavus by ship was too restrictive for us in the timetable, as far as I remember there were only 2 ships a week there and back. That alone would have taken a week.

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