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PHOENIX, Arizona.- Only he knows how long he walked and the distance he covered. He did it until fatigue overcame him and he fell asleep. A group of immigrants found this little boy 5 years alone on the borderin the Yuma area.

joined the group so that he wouldn’t keep walking aloneHe also looked exhausted and thirsty. They realized that he was 5 years old because of a small backpack that he carried on his shoulders, where he had your birth certificate and also that of their parents, all natural from Guatemala.

The younger he had a phone number written on his arm of one of his relatives, who apparently does not live in the United States. Apparently, it would be from the grandfather in Guatemala.

The little 5-year-old couldn’t stand it anymore

When the group reached the immigration authorities the little boy couldn’t take it anymore and fell asleep tired.

A migrant who was in that place, and who claims to have worked as a nurse in Cuba, says that she attended him and took his vital signs. Furthermore, she comments that she was strongly dehydrated.

The child was handed over to Charles Edward Spina, an activist on the border, who carried him in his arms and took him to the immigration authorities. According to the activist, the boy was asleep, tired and unresponsive.

The activist explained that the group of immigrants gave the minor clothes and aid, they also told the activist the facts and told him that they had already called the phone number what It covers practically the entire arm of the child.

“This is something terrible. I understand the need to seek a better life, to want to get ahead, but this is a great danger. Thank God the lady who found him was very kind and she took care of him. But if she finds someone else who does not have good intentions, what? “Espina questioned.

The little boy, according to the activist, is now in the custody of the authorities migratory They took him to a care center and he will later enter a process of reunification with his relatives.

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