60-year-old woman reportedly killed by shark off Maui

Kristine Allen, from Bellingham, Washington, was snorkeling off the coast of Maui when she disappeared, possibly killed by an aggressive shark, on December 8. Blake, the husband of the latter, alerted the local authorities when he no longer found his companion in the vast ocean, reports the Daily Mail.

A few days before the tragedy, the 60-year-old victim had posted photos on Facebook claiming that she was pursuing her dreams. On Dec. 2, the massage therapist and life coach wrote that she had wanted to learn to surf for years.

According to the authorities, Kristine and Blake were about 50 meters from the coast of Keawakapu Point, in the south of Maui, when the latter would have seen a shark passing by, and would not have found his wife. The shark reportedly kept passing several times before Blake made it to shore to report Kristine missing. Crews from the US Coast Guard, Maui Fire Department and sea rescue teams then scoured the skies and waters for 40 hours before the search was halted.

On December 9, Department of Lands and Natural Resources officials concluded that Kristine had likely been eaten by a shark, based on interviews with numerous beachgoers who said they had seen a tiger shark apparently feeding on something. thing in a pool of red water – although no body has yet been found. Only a snorkel and part of a bathing suit were found.

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