77-year-old man was brutally beaten to death outside a store in California, United States

Earlier this week, a 77-year-old man was pronounced dead at the scene after being brutally beaten to death outside a 7-Eleven in San Francisco, police said.

Richard Owens was one of three people who attacked the man in the early hours of Tuesday, November 1, in what police called a random attack, according to local Fox affiliate KTVU.

Police said the suspect, who has since been identified as 32-year-old Charles Short, began attacking people for no apparent reason around 6:30 a.m. m. He first dragged a 26-year-old man who was waiting at a nearby bus stop to the convenience store and began beating him.

Owens, 77, was later pronounced dead at the scene and the other two victims were taken to hospital. – Photo: Getty Images / Author: D-None

The suspect then attacked the 70-year-old convenience store owner and stabbed him while preventing both victims from calling 911.

Afterward, Short reportedly walked out and approached Owens in a gruesome encounter that was caught on surveillance footage.

Owens, 77, was later pronounced dead at the scene. and the other two victims were taken to the hospital.

“They had a dead body sitting on the side of the street with a tarp over it. There was a lot of blood. It didn’t look good, really scary to know what happened,” local resident Giesha Calloway told KTVU.

“Is not safe. They need some kind of security. They need security around here. It’s getting out of hand. This is ridiculous,” added Calloway, noting that he no longer walks in the neighborhood.

The business owner who runs a nearby auto repair shop spoke to KTVU on condition of anonymity and said the attack on Owens was shocking.

“It was terrible. Someone has just been beaten to death. That was brutal and really scary,” the business owner said. He added that he often experiences these types of incidents with people who have mental illnesses entering his business, and that he has made a habit of arming himself with a taser.

“It is heartbreaking to see this type of senseless violence against the seniors in our community,” Supervisor Shamann Walton said in a statement Wednesday.

“I am committed to working with our community, city departments and law enforcement to prevent violent incidents like this from happening to our community and our seniors,” he added.

Until now, the police are still looking for the suspect, whom they have already identified, and expect the collaboration of the entire community.

Shooting on a Miami-Dade street left three injured

In other events, last September, a street became the scene of a shooting in northwest Miami-Dade County, after police confirmed that three people had been shot.

The suspected shooter, a man in a wheelchair, returned to the scene before being taken into custody. The entire incident occurred at the corner of Northwest 7th Avenue and 107th Street, steps from the Chicagoan Bar and Lounge.

Miami-Dade police arrived at the area where they found two men with gunshot wounds to the back, arms and legs.

Paramedics then took both victims to the Ryder Trauma Center at Jackson Memorial Hospital, along with a third additional victim who was self-driving to North Shore Hospital.

So far, the three victims have been described as stable and authorities have not yet released the name of the suspected shooter or any information about what led up to the shooting.

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