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In all clinics in Cologne’s urban area, 209 people, 61 of them in intensive care units, are currently being treated with corona disease. However, these figures do not only relate to people registered in Cologne.

The number of positive virus mutants detected in Cologne continues to rise and a total of 669 cases have been recorded since December 20th. In 512 cases it is the British and in 157 cases the South African variant. 79 residents in 30 old people’s and care facilities have currently tested positive for the virus and a total of 29 employees are infected.

RKI reports 4,369 new corona infections – incidence at 61.0

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) reported 4,369 new corona infections early Monday morning. That was 1.3 percent or 57 cases less than on Monday morning a week ago, when 4,426 new infections were officially published within one day. According to the RKI, the incidence rose from 60.2 to 61.0 new cases per 100,000 inhabitants within seven days.

The fact that the number of new cases fell compared to the previous week, but the incidence value increased, is only possible because the RKI had numerous late reports from earlier periods last week, but these are not included in the incidence value calculation. In total, the institute currently assumes around 125,000 active corona cases with evidence, which is around 20,100 fewer than a week ago. Nobody knows how high the real figure is.

In addition, the RKI reported only 62 deaths within 24 hours in connection with the virus, an unusually low value compared to the last few weeks, which suggests that again not all data was completely transmitted. In the last seven days there were 2,827 deaths, corresponding to an average of 404 deaths per day. On the previous day, this value was an average of 412 corona deaths within the last seven days.

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Meanwhile, 3,054 Covid-19 patients were treated intensively in the intensive care units early Monday morning. On Sunday noon it was 3,057.

Montgomery: No hasty easing of the corona measures

In view of the increasing number of infections, the chairman of the World Medical Association, Frank Ulrich Montgomery, warns against further easing of the corona measures. “Anyone who talks about relaxation in times of rising R-values ​​is acting absolutely irresponsibly,” said the doctor to the newspapers of the Funke media group (Monday editions). It is too early to relax.

“With every relaxation there will be a significant increase in the numbers.” With a view to the seven-day incidence, which has recently risen again and the R-value is again high, Montgomery warned: “The incidence value shows where we are currently. The R-value shows where we are going. With a value clearly above 1, 0 threatens exponential growth again – and that is exactly the case now. ” The virus has reached a new level with its mutations. Not only is it more contagious, it is also likely to lead to more severe disease processes.

The Robert Koch Institute gave the nationwide seven-day R-value on Sunday afternoon as 1.10, which was the third time in a row that it was above the critical level of 1.0. The seven-day incidence had also risen to over 60 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. In response to the development, Montgomery called for vaccinations to be accelerated: vaccine doses that were not called up in the first priority group should now be used immediately in the second group. “We mustn’t stick to the vaccination sequence slavishly here,” warned the doctor.

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The world medical president also warned against using the debate about the pandemic for power and party political purposes. “Political communication about the pandemic could go better. Very often it is not about epidemiological facts, but above all about vanities.” He is very concerned that this development will escalate with the approaching federal election campaign. “We can’t afford that,” said Montgomery.


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