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Teenagers are the most mysterious people in the world, no longer children, but not yet adults. They are looking for themselves, are not afraid to ask difficult questions, but at the same time they are lost in front of the impending colossus of adult life. With youthful maximalism, they rush into the thick of events and experience failures especially acutely. Thorny, open, desperate, brave, secretive, gentle and unpredictable … Such heroes are needed by modern teenagers. They look for their peers in the books and are ready to reflect with them, slowly understanding themselves. Together with the publishing house “MIF”, which celebrates its 16th birthday in June and gives its readers great discounts and gifts, we have compiled a list of the most relevant teen books on important topics.

“Let’s meet”

Laura Baddenberg,

Alicia Montgomery

What if it seems that everyone around has already started dating someone and only you are lagging behind? And if you are embarrassed to tell the object of sympathy about your feelings? Or are you already dating someone, but you feel that something is wrong in your relationship? This book will answer all the “uncomfortable” questions and help your teen to build a harmonious and happy relationship.

“Bank with fireflies”

Lisa Thompson

One night, Nate and her mother run away from home to an old cottage outside the city. Mom goes out to buy groceries and does not return for a very long time. Nate is left all alone in a terrible unfamiliar place … A detective story about friendship and how to disperse the darkness is a story about fear and hope, loneliness and friendship, with charismatic characters and a riddle that can’t wait to find an answer.

“Control it!”

Leona Milton,

Maria Tomicic

Loving yourself with all your advantages and disadvantages is a normal self-esteem. But how to love yourself “imperfect”? This book contains theory and exercises based on the therapy of acceptance and responsibility. The reader will begin to notice not only his mistakes, but also victories. Develops inner strength and avoids many of the psychological problems typical of adolescence.

“I’m not OK and it’s OK”

Tina Rae

A guide to emotional health for teens. The reader will learn what emotions are and how to adequately respond to them. What to do when problems arise in your life – from an eating disorder to bullying. How to become mentally stronger, take care of yourself and cheer up when you’re sad. You can also read to parents who want to better understand what is happening with their children.

“1000 Ways to Get Over a Breakup”

Aoror Meyer,

Sophie Bux

Love comes into the life of every teenager. The first relationship is established. And then – everything can collapse. This book is a kind and understanding friend who will support a teenager during a difficult period of separation. It will help you to stop obsessing over painful feelings. She will advise you how to communicate with your former lover, so as not to hurt yourself and him even more.

“You matter!”

Courtney Macavinta,

Andrea Vander Plyme

There are only a few worthy books about girls and for girls. And this was definitely not the case in our childhood. But now it is. It’s about self-esteem and personal boundaries. How to accept your body. How to love yourself and not be manipulated. In it, you will find a confidential and honest conversation about values ​​and self-confidence.

“Spinoza and Popcorn”

Rick Dufer

If philosophy seems like a boring science to you, try … watching a TV series or a movie. This is exactly the advice given by the author of the book, Italian philosopher and blogger Rick Dufer. He shows that behind the intricacies of the plot of “Game of Thrones”, “The Lord of the Rings”, “Stranger Things” and other masterpieces of the film and television industry are hidden the most real philosophical theories!

“Breathe. How to become bolder”

Breathe Magazine Editors

The child grows up and inevitably asks himself the question: who am I? what if I can’t do it? It takes time and experience to learn to be yourself and gain inner strength that will help you move even in difficult situations. With this book, a teenager will be able to accept their fears and gain self-confidence. Learn to cope with stress and choose the right social circle.

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