“8000 Miles to Alaska” – Reportage – series of reports, 3sat, December 24th, 2021, 1:50 am – broadcast in the TV program – TV & radio

From New England’s Atlantic coast through the continent to the Pacific, then north to the Arctic Ocean: USA correspondent Klaus Scherer traveled on the northernmost route in his reporting area. In the first part of the report, Klaus Scherer accompanies a lobster fisherwoman off Maine’s island of Monhegan, who defies both the migration and the rough weather. And he visits farmers in romantic Vermont who are leading America’s small business trend. The team is on the move by ship, helicopter and – for example on the Great Lakes – even on snowshoes and provides impressive images for this film of the vast landscapes of the continent and of the people who often walk their own life there. At the end of the first stage of the journey, Klaus Scherer meets ranchers in North Dakota who, together with a Sioux friend, are herding the last herd of Indian horses. The Grimme Prize winner Klaus Scherer says: “Even after years as a US reporter, I am always fascinated by the diversity and beauty of nature and the stressful everyday life of its residents. Such trips teach us: You have to leave the capital Washington in order to improve the country to understand.” The frosty destination of the Trans-America trip is the double island of Diomedes in the crosshairs of the date line and the Arctic Circle, which is partly in Alaska and partly in Russia. “It was only more exciting in the helicopter under Niagara Falls,” says Scherer, who flies spectacularly through the rocky canyon alongside a rescue pilot.

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