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a man The 83-year-old became the oldest man to hike the Appalachian Trail in the US on Sunday. The experienced hiker, who started hiking after retirement, covered 2,613 miles in nine months.

Meredith “Sunny” Eberhart, an 83-year-old retired optometrist, also known as Nimblewill Nomad, broke a record on Sunday, November 7, when she finished hiking the Appalachian Trail, a long-distance hiking trail in the East. From the US Eberhart is now the longest-lived hiker to have made such a trek.

Eberhart began his 9-month trek on Springer Mountain, from his home on Flagg Mountain in Alabama, traveling an average of 10 miles a day, the hiker spent the night in shelters, or houses that welcomed him, or sometimes in camps. Traversing the Pinhote Trail, past Benton Mackage on his route to New York, he returned to Dalton, finishing a total of 2,613 miles of hiking on November 7, he reported. Appalachian Trail.

“Nimblewill Nomad” acknowledged that his path was not so easy, because despite his experience the trail is still a great feat for his age.

“I have a couple of skid marks, but I’m fine,” he said in a recent interview, reported AP. “It takes incredible determination to do this.”

Although the distance traveled was not something he had not previously achieved, as Eberhart traveled the famous Appalachian Trail for the third time. However, this time he said he felt the repercussions of his age. And since his reflexes are no longer what they were, he tried not to walk more than eight hours a day.

However, his determination and strength to follow the path are unique to this man.

In New Hampshire, after falling and injuring his elbow, a fellow hiker asked him if he wanted to take a break.

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The 83-year-old man replied: “Do you think that if I complain, it will go away?” then get up and continue down the road, shared Odie Norman of Huntsville, Alabama, who rode 100 miles with Nimblewill.

Another great experience this time around was that Eberhart finished his record hike accompanied by Dale “Greybeard” Sanders, a hiker with the previous record for the oldest person, who completed the hike at age 82 in 2017.

“Greybeard is a very dear friend”, Eberhart wrote on his blog, just two days before the end of his journey, when Sanders surprised him on the way. “He encouraged me to try this long and difficult journey. And here it is. He has come to join me and share the joy at the end of this search … “

“My dear friend Nimblewill takes the record away from me, and I’m happy for him. Records are made to be broken, ”Sanders said according to the AP.

Eberhart has also previously shared the sense of calm he finds in the hiking and hiking community.

When she went on her first big excursion, she shared that it was a time in her life where she found peace after carrying various emotional and mental issues, including a divorce and the loss of respect for her children.

Finally he claims to have found peace and forgiveness.

“You can seek peace. That does not mean that you will find it. I persevered to the point where the good Lord looked at me and said: you are forgiven, you can be at peace, ”he said recently during a break near the Maine-New Hampshire border.

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“It is a profound blessing. It’s as simple as that, ”he said.

Lastly, Norman said that this probably won’t be Eberhart’s last hike.

“He said, ‘You know they’re calling this my last excursion.’ Then he laughed, ”Norman said. “I don’t think this is going to be his last excursion. I don’t think he knows what his next excursion is going to be ”.

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