9-year-old finds giant tooth in sea

Molly’s mother told CBS News that the 9-year-old and her sister Natalie are fascinated by the search for ancient shark teeth and want to “go shark tooth hunting like the pros.”

That’s why they wanted insulated cotton pants for Christmas, which they wanted to try out right away on Christmas Day. After breakfast, the family, including mom Alicia and dad Bruce, drove to nearby Calvert Beach in Maryland, where the pants were put to good use.

Molly was knee-deep in water while searching for a “Meg,” the tooth of a prehistoric shark named Megalodon, when she actually made an incredible find.

When Molly spotted him, she jumped into the water and pulled out the tooth of the now-extinct species of shark, Otodus megalodon. “She said she wet her arms but it was worth it,” says Molly’s mother, Alicia Sampson.

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