9-year-old girl finds megalodon tooth during a family walk on the beach in the United States | Society

Little Molly Sampson couldn’t believe the amazing find she made during a family outing. The 9-year-old found a massive megalodon tooth on a Maryland beach on Christmas morning.

A small 9 year old girl found a tooth megalodon while he went for a walk with his family on a beach in Maryland, United States. Is about Molly Sampsonwho discovered the prehistoric dental piece of almost 13 centimeters in the sea.

The event occurred on December 25, when Molly, her sister Natalie and her father were encouraged to look for “beautiful things” on the shore of the beach, an activity they frequently do, revealed the mother of the minor, Alicia Sampson, in a Facebook post.

The 9-year-old girl put on boots to explore the sea surface and among the sand she found the striking megalodon tooth, a fossil that was in perfect condition.

“She told me she was knee-deep in water when she saw it and she dove in to get it.”the mother told about the discovery of her daughter in an interview with the chain CBS News.

“He said he got his arms wet, but it was worth it. The look on her face is the only thing that makes me regret not going with them because I can’t even imagine the scream that came out of her mouth,” Alicia confessed.

The family took Molly’s find to the Calvert Marine Museumwhere experts found that the huge tooth corresponds to a megalodon.

Museum specialists called the girl’s discovery an amazing fact. “Molly was excited to share her incredible find with our paleontology department last week at the museum,” the institution shared on its social media.

Characteristics of a megalodon

According to the magazine National Geographic, the megalodon is listed as one of the largest sharks that inhabited the world’s oceans. Although they have been extinct for 3.5 million yearsare known as the largest marine predators that have ever existed.

This extinct species of shark came to measure approximately between 18 and 20 meters in length and weigh about 50 tons. In addition, its sharp teeth could exceed 10 centimeters in length.

The discovery of the dental pieces of the prehistoric shark is quite common in different parts of the planet. In fact, in 2021, remains of this animal were found by paleontologists in the Atacama desert (Chile).

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