A 10-meter whale gives birth in front of a tourist boat in California, United States

A group of tourists in the state of California, United States, experienced a moment that few have the opportunity, a spectacle that will probably be the story to tell for many years. Well, in the middle of a walk intended for whale watching, people, in addition to being able to see the majestic animal, which in itself is an achievement, also witnessed the birth of a calf.

According to local media reports, the event took place in Dana Point, a city south of Los Angeles, in the aforementioned state.the tourists were on a boat from Captain Dave’s Dolphin & Whale Safari company, in which a whale watching was arranged.

The event was recorded through a drone that was operated by a person from the group who was taking videos of the experience.. Well, because of this, he was able to see the birth of the cetacean from the air and that it has been spread through social networks.

Although in this type of trips attendees are warned that the appearance of whales along the way is not guaranteed, since they are free animals and even if some of the routes they take are known, it is not 100% certain that they will meet one Of these animals, however, tourists in California were in for a double surprise.

Well, as reported through the official website of the company, The sighting was going well and as usual, when suddenly the tourists saw a gray whale near the boat, but when it got closer then they began to see that there was something else.

Humpback whales visit the warm waters of the Gorgona, Uramba Bahía Málaga and Utría National Natural Parks. – Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

At first, the sighting appeared to be a typical migrating gray whale. As the boat slowly approached the animal, our crew noted that he was behaving sporadically. The passengers and crew saw something orange and red in the water that they thought might have been seaweed.”, indicated the company.

And then he added: “For a minute, many of us thought it might be a shark or a predatory event. But no, instead of the end of life, it was the beginning of a new one!”, indicating that the spots in the water alerted the witnesses, however, after a moment everyone realized the true reason for the blood.

After surfacing, the newborn calf began to learn to swim and bond with its mother. The female even took the calf to the boats as if to show off her offspring and say hello.”highlighted the company, indicating what happened after the end of the video.

Tiger shark approached a bather

The fear of all bathers is to find themselves, while enjoying the sea, with a shark, something that would turn out very badly and that on several occasions has been recorded by other tourists who with a camera in hand have been able to record the attack of these animals on some humans.

Australia is a country where the presence of sharks near the beaches is very common and this has been noticed by photographer Sam Wood, who shares images of these animals and other seascapes on his social media profile.

Wood lives in Perth, Australia, and on one of his last outings to the beach he noticed how a tiger shark prowled the shore and got too close to a bather who only noticed when the animal was already a few meters from her. .

According to the photographer’s publication, the woman had no other option than to stay still and when she could she tried to move; there the shark turned around and undertook another course.

Her drone camera clearly recorded the scene that could have ended tragically as the woman enjoyed the water at Hillary’s Dog Beach.

The animal was two meters from the bather, who only chose to stay still when she noticed the shark's presence.
The animal was two meters from the bather, who only chose to stay still when she noticed the shark’s presence. – Photo: Screenshot video posted on Instagram @wanderlust_flyer

“Unknowingly, many people were in the water, as you can see in this video, the tiger shark is getting very close to this woman, the shark was just curious. and, after inspecting it a bit more closely, it shows no interest and swims away,” the photographer said in his post.

Likewise, as a lover of these animals, in his commentary he sought not only to show the scene, but also to demystify what is said about the tiger shark, a predator by nature.

“Unfortunately, sharks get such a bad rap because of their rare attacks. When in reality we swim with them every day without knowing it”, he explained. Wood also assured that the fact of realizing these situations commits him to notify the corresponding authorities in a timely manner to avoid tragedies.

“As soon as I realized that people were still in the water after seeing the tiger shark, I immediately called Surf Life Savers to let them know and I ran across the beach from where I was filming (800 meters away) to let everyone know.” Wood explained in his post.

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